Women and Hair Loss: South Coast Laser Therapy for Hair Growth

Dealing with thinning hair and hair loss – even if it is purely a temporary situation caused by an illness, prescription medication, or stress – must be done through a reputable hair loss clinic. There are so many over-the-counter, as-seen-on-TV, one-size-fits-all solutions being sold that will only waste your time and money. At South Coast Hair Options, we treat each client as an individual. Before we offer any treatment recommendations or hair loss treatment in Fall River, we perform a comprehensive scalp evaluation to determine the underlying cause of your thinning hair or hair loss. The issues surrounding women and hair loss can be drastically different than what causes balding in men. Choose a solution that is designed specifically for you and your needs that is backed by science and has been proven to work. South Coast laser therapy for hair growth, Virtuesse hair replacement, professional hair extensions, and other treatment options are available in our Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) program.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

One of the most exciting things to happen to the hair loss industry is the advancement of technology, such as low-level laser light therapy. Used by medical professionals to aid in healing, this South Coast laser therapy for hair has also been proven to stimulate hair follicles in the cellular and sub-cellular levels to prevent hair loss and increase hair re-growth. When calibrated and delivered at the proper wavelength, laser light can penetrate deep into the layers of the skin where it is absorbed, and a photo-biochemical chain reaction occurs. The device that we use – the Laser Hair Therapy 5000 – features more than 50 diode lasers, which are mounted in a half-sphere to deliver laser energy directly to the tissues of the scalp. You might have seen laser light devices sold on television in the form of a comb, brush, or hat. Unfortunately, these at-home products cannot replicate the effects that we see here in hair loss treatment in Fall River with our professional laser devices.

The principle of South Coast laser therapy for hair is simple and has been used much longer than you might imagine. Our lasers are not like the hot lasers used for surgical and industrial cutting. They are referred to in the industry as “soft” or “cold” lasers, as they do not have the thermal component required to burn or vaporize materials. Low-level laser therapy, also known as LLLT, utilizes photo-biotherapy, allowing cells to absorb the healing light, stimulate cell metabolism, and enable damaged cells – including hair follicles – to repair themselves. When the correct amount of light energy is provided and delivered at the appropriate wavelength, the results can be practically miraculous. Many of our clients take advantage of LLLT treatments for telogen effluvium treatments in conjunction with other recommended solutions, including professional hair extensions, Virtuesse hair replacement, and other treatments to increase their effectiveness.

The Facts About Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

There are many benefits associated with using LLLT as part of your hair loss treatment in Fall River and the surrounding South Coast area. Laser therapy works for all types of hair loss and scalp conditions, providing healing solutions for men and women, those with chemical damage and hormonal changes, individuals dealing with stress and dietary issues, and even clients who have eczema, seborrhea, and conditions that can frequently cause hair loss. It works to stimulate the hair follicle and increase blood flow to the scalp, stopping hair loss in its tracks and helping hair to re-grow. Thinning hair can be improved, as these treatments can provide fuller, shinier, softer, thicker, and even more manageable hair. It does not just stimulate growth but also repairs and improves the hair follicle quality, relieves scalp irritation, improves hair strength and elasticity, and even offers better curl retention, longer-lasting color, and locks in conditioners for healthier hair.

Studies show that professional South Coast laser therapy for hair is more effective when used in conjunction with other treatments, including Minoxidil, DHT blocker, and sodium laurel sulfate-free shampoos. In-clinic laser treatments are designed to enhance the results for women and hair loss, offering a comprehensive approach to hair loss treatment in Fall River. Our technicians can provide you with a custom treatment designed to target your specific type and degree of hair loss. We will monitor your progress on a monthly basis, which is included in our laser hair therapy costs. Combined products and treatment options can improve and expedite visible results when you work with our team at South Coast Hair Options. Give us a call at 508-995-7085 to speak with one of our technicians or schedule an appointment for a FREE scalp evaluation to help get your treatment started.