Women and Hair Loss: Real Solutions Available in New Bedford

Women and Hair Loss in New BedfordWhile daily hair loss is absolutely normal in healthy women of all ages, when you start to notice an increase in hair loss, it’s time to do something about it. It is important to find a New Bedford hair loss clinic that knows how to treat hair loss in women. There are so many clinics that focus on male pattern baldness, but women have different issues. In fact, each person requires a unique approach to treatment if you truly want to stop hair loss in New Bedford. You need to sit down with a technician who can evaluate your hair and scalp, discuss genetics, lifestyle challenges, stress, and other essential issues. At South Coast Hair Loss Solutions, a unique treatment solution will be created for you based on your individual requirements.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to women and hair loss. Don’t settle for a “cure in a bottle” or a remedy that you see on late-night TV. Stop wasting your precious time and money on every hair loss solution that you hear about or see in a magazine. Even if something works for a friend, there’s no guarantee that it will also work for you. Each person’s genetics, the pattern of growth, pattern of hair loss, lifestyle, health condition, and budget plays a role in what can and cannot be done to treat hair loss. South Coast Hair Options will help you to look and feel like yourself with our proven hair loss remedies.

Genetic & Reactive Hair Loss

There are two primary categories of women and hair loss. The first is genetic, which means that it is out of your control, predisposed by your family history and genetics. This is usually seen in a progressive and gradual reduction of hair thickness and volume. The second is reactive, which is when you hair loss occurs due to your body’s reaction to a trigger. Telogen effluvium, which is excessive daily hair shedding, can happen due to medical issues, severe stress or trauma, major weight loss, and other external influences. The key is to identify what caused the hair loss or thinning in the first place in order to accommodate it through effective treatment solutions.

The typical causes of reactive hair loss in women include:

  • hormonal imbalance – hormones regulate the hair growth cycle; an excess of androgens can cause hair loss; this is often a genetic predisposition or something that is caused by a medical issue, such as an endocrine disorder
  • anemia – a simple iron deficiency can cause hair loss, as iron is an essential ingredient in the production of hair cell proteins
  • stress – a stressful situation or trauma can result in hair loss several months after the incident; it raises the amount of androgen hormone levels in the body, which can result in increased hair loss
  • vitamin deficiency – in addition to iron, being deficient in vitamin B12 can also result in hair loss; it affects red blood cell health, which is responsible for carrying oxygen to your body’s tissues; a common disorder in vegans who do not take B12 supplements, as B12 is naturally obtained through consumption of animal proteins
  • menopause – as women age and reach menopause, changes occur in the body that can impact; hair loss is often most common in the period just prior to and immediately after menopause; hair naturally gets finer as part of the aging process

No Such Thing as a Quick Fix

Hair loss doesn’t happen overnight, so it only goes to show that it cannot be fixed immediately. However, the truth is that there is a way to stop hair loss in New Bedford and get instant results at South Coast Hair Options. We have a variety of treatments that can be used for women and hair loss, but for those who want results right away, there’s always Virtuesse. It can take months for hair to completely fall out after a reactive event, but the sooner you notice the increase in hair loss, the sooner you can do something about it. We know how to treat hair loss in women and will provide you with a solution designed to meet all of your needs, lifestyle demands, and budget.

Call South Coast Hair Options at our New Bedford hair loss clinic at 508-995-7085. We have provided assistance to clients since 1974, working to stop hair loss in New Bedford for both men and women. Stop by our clinic located on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford, Massachusetts or give us a call to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our technicians.