Winter Weather and Your Hair: Prevent Thinning Hair in Boston

New England winters can be brutal on skin and hair. Keeping your skin moisturized is the best way to prevent painful and dry skin. However, a simple conditioning treatment is not the answer for winter hair problems. Many women notice that they lose a lot more hair in the shower, in the brush, and on the pillow than they do during the rest of the year. The good news is that for many people, this is just part of the natural lifecycle of their hair combined with the overall change of season. Excessive hair loss during the winter can be treated so you can regrow hair in Greater Boston area cities like New Bedford and Fall River. Thinning hair in Boston is more common than you might think. The dry winter air takes away all of the natural moisture from your scalp, making it dry, itchy, and more likely to break or fall out. So, what can you do about winter dryness, women, and hair loss? South Coast Hair Options offers a wide range of Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) designed to address each person’s needs as an individual.

Why Winter Weather is So Dry

There are a couple of reasons why skin and hair become dry in the winter months. The air itself is already considerably drier than it is in the summer months, but the continued use of fireplaces and heaters to keep homes, offices, and commercial businesses warm increases the dryness. This is why we perform a complete scalp and hair evaluation for all of our clients who come to learn more about treatments for women and hair loss. A dry scalp can lead to more hair breakage and increased fallout, as well as an itchy, irritated scalp that is not just unhealthy but could result in dandruff. Heat styling and hair products can further increase the dryness of your hair and scalp, leading to more thinning hair in Boston and the surrounding area. Women who already have fine hair will see even more issues, as the products required to make thin hair appear fuller and more lustrous can also cause it to become dry.

Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can help you to prevent hair loss and regrow hair in the Greater Boston area. Whether that means scalp and hair treatments on a seasonal basis or something more intense, such as our Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) program. We can provide you with consulting services to address all of your hair needs, including shampooing and conditioning recommendations or replacement options, such as our Virtuesse hair solutions. While some women may benefit from basic support, such as hair masks, conditioning treatments, oil scalp massages, and other products, there could also be other issues going on underneath the surface that are causing thinning hair or outright hair loss problems. We can help you get the best results possible and achieve all of your hair dreams and goals when you visit South Coast Hair Options in the Greater Boston area.

Men and Women Are Different

Many of the products and treatment programs available today are designed specifically for male pattern baldness and hair loss experienced by male clients. We customize and tailor every single treatment that we offer to our clients based on their individual needs. We understand that the problems experienced by women and hair loss are different from the services that our male clients require. Even thinning, aging, and brittle hair can be treated effectively and brought back to life to give you the look, feel, and healthy head of hair that you have always wanted. Our technicians have many options available to create a custom treatment designed to address any type of hair loss or thinning hair. Our initial scalp assessment helps us to identify the cause, which could be genetics, biology, nutrition, environment, or a combination of issues.

So whether you are looking to keep the hair that you have, stop hair loss in the early stages, or just find a solution for increased hair loss during the winter, you can count on South Coast hair Options to help you achieve your goals. We can help clients with thin, fragile hair, and even those who have suffered from years of trauma and loss. Contact our team today to schedule an evaluation or learn more about our Corrective Hair Solutions to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area. You can reach our team at 508-995-7085 or by using our online contact form.