Why Protein is Important to Healthy Hair

For some, hair loss is as a dramatic event as losing a limb. When the early stages of hair loss begins and the realization that the hair loss is not stopping, horror is often the reaction.

But what causes hair? Is it an inevitable event? A solution like hair replacement for women and men is one option. But understanding the causes of hair loss may provide clues to prevention, in most cases.

One theory of hair loss is the lack of protein in a person’s diet. The fact is that human hair is made up of protein. It would follow that a protein deficiency in one’s body may be the link to eventual hair loss. Many dermatologists believe that those that are reducing red meat intake and replacing it with a vegetarian diet, are not getting the balanced intake of all the nutrients required for good hair and overall body growth. With a vegetarian diet and less red meat intake comes a deficiency in iron. In most cases telogen effluvium treatments may be needed to treat hair loss due to this lack of iron in one’s diet.

Once hair loss is determined, the options for correction need to be determined. If replacement is considered, then how much is a hair transplants needs to be addressed. Proper treatment is key and should not be done by oneself. A genuine consultation from a licensed practitioner will yield the best result. South Coast Hair Options is the service to call for surgical and non surgical thinning hair solutions. Contact South Coast Hair Options to see how they can help.