What is the Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men in New Bedford?

treatment-for-menWhen it comes to finding hair loss treatments that work, it is important to work with a clinic that will treat you as an individual. There are many things in life that are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and hair loss treatment is one of those things. It must be designed with the individual in mind following a consultation and diagnosis of the underlying cause of the problem in order to truly find an FDA approved hair loss treatment or option that will work.

Whenever someone hears news about a new treatment or hears friends and co-workers brag about the best hair loss treatment that finally worked for them, and then they run out and spend hundreds of dollars on that solution, they are setting themselves up for failure. On the odd chance that you and your friend have the exact same type of hair loss, it might work a little. But it is important to know that just because something has been proven to stop hair loss in New Bedford for one client and has been shown to re-grow hair, that doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Custom Treatments Are Key

By age 50, approximately 85 percent of all men will experience some type of significant hair thinning. In fact, the American Hair Loss Association has revealed that some men will even begin to lose hair before they turn 21, while they are still in the prime of their lives. Some people claim that wearing a baseball hat or cowboy hat will cause baldness. They also claim that too much styling, such as combing or brushing, twisting or styling, products or shampoos can cause hair loss. While hair breakage can occur with any activity, it is important to know that it will not cause true baldness or noticeable hair loss.

However, recent studies have revealed that there are certain activities that can cause the rate of hair loss – even hair loss due to heredity, such as male pattern baldness – to increase. Avoiding these activities or making changes in your life to remove these harmful activities, can help to slow down hair loss. Combined with the best hair loss treatment for your type of hair loss, it can really help to stop hair loss in New Bedford and the surrounding area through South Coast Hair Solutions.

Some of the activities that can increase hair loss include:

  • smoking tobacco
  • use of other tobacco products
  • poor diet, lack of balanced nutrition
  • lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle

What Causes Hair Loss in Men?

This is the goal of South Coast Hair Options: to first identify the cause of hair loss and then work with each client on an individual basis to find hair loss treatments that work. A large percentage of male clients that we see are losing their hair due to a genetic or hereditary condition that is commonly known as male pattern baldness. The gene for hair loss of this type can come from either the mother or the father.

Other causes of hair loss most often seen in men can include the activities and choices listed above, as well as loss due to certain medications, stress, trauma, too much vitamin A or a lack of protein. A dramatic hair loss can come from stress or a stressful situation, such as loss of a loved one, job changes, financial issues and problems in their personal lives. Figuring out what is causing the hair loss can help technicians to prescribe the best hair loss treatment based on your unique needs. For some men, stress related hair loss or hair loss due to an illness can reverse itself over time.

Avoiding Scams: Finding Hair Loss Treatments That Work

When it comes to “medical miracles” and scams that will take your money and do nothing for you in return, hair loss is one of those things that has become a huge target for scammers. It is important to consult with a true professional that will help you to stop hair loss in New Bedford through an FDA approved hair loss treatment or solution. While most men are well aware of brand name over-the-counter solutions and medications that can be prescribed by physicians, many of those can also be scams in that they aren’t designed to work for all types of hair loss. This is why coming in for a FREE consultation at South Coast Hair Options is so important.

For more information on the methods used at South Coast Hair Options to stop hair loss and provide clients with the best hair loss treatment for their type of hair loss, contact our office in New Bedford by calling 508-995-7085. We will be happy to answer any of your questions and talk about the different types of FDA approved hair loss treatment options available at our clinic. Call today or stop by our office to find hair loss treatments that work for you!