What is Male Pattern Hair Loss?

Male pattern hair loss is not a result of wearing a baseball cap every day. Male pattern hair loss is not the result of nutrient deficiency. And male pattern hair loss is not the result of excessive sweating. In fact, male pattern hair loss is the result of a genetically predisposition to do called “andro-genety.” Basically, your hair follicles have been programmed to be sensitive to the changing hormonal activity in your scalp and in turn the body begins to slowly reject them.

How Hair Loss Treatment Progressed:

There have been many “so called” answers to those faced with this condition. The history and development of treatment to correct male pattern hair loss are:

1. Skin Flaps/Scalp Reductions, which involves surgery and extensive alteration of the scalp tissue. The results were often unnatural looking.

2. Plugs, which is transplanted hair in large grouping with as many as 10 follicular units per implant. The result was often a look that resembled a hair scalp like a doll.

3. Mini and micro graft were transplants in large groups of 2-6 follicular units. This type saved money and time and a bit more natural looking but the cost was also much higher.

4. Micro graft follicular unit hair transplants which involve the use of a high powered stereo microscope to divide the donor hair strip into natural hair growth units.This provided an overall better look to hair loss solutions.

South Coast Hair Options take hair loss solutions to the next level with its Corrective Hair Solutions. They recognize that different hair loss conditions require different thinning hair products and solutions. South Coast Hair Options uses not only one individualized solution but many, used together or alone, if needed. So if treatment requires solutions like telogen effluvium treatment or telogen effluvium treatment for example, South Coast Hair Options is skilled in those procedures.

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