We Identify the Cause and Offer Treatment for Your Type of Hair Loss

cause of hair loss in menA large number of male politicians, athletes, and celebrities are either totally bald or have receding hairlines. Because of this, a lot of guys are comfortable compromising by shaving off what’s left of their hair or living their lives with less hair than a full head. Clip-on extensions, comb-overs, and toupees don’t really boost your self-esteem or help you feel like yourself again. In fact, hair loss treatments in New Bedford can aid in halting hair loss. In Southeastern Massachusetts, there are treatments and solutions that have been authorized by the FDA to assist with hair growth.

Every customer at South Coast Hair Options is treated uniquely. Finding the underlying cause of hair loss is the first step. Professional dermal lens hair solutions are the greatest option for certain forms of hair loss, while low-level laser light therapy (LLLT) treatments are helpful for others. Give up spending time and money on ineffective over-the-counter, one-size-fits-all remedies. That hairpiece you saw on TV isn’t real, and those spray-on cosmetics are ridiculous. It’s time to come to our New Bedford treatment facility if you’re prepared to take hair loss seriously.

Proven Hair Loss Treatments

While some men are content to accept their lot in life and shrug their shoulders, others are resolved to fight back. Which kind do you identify with? Give us a call at South Coast Hair Options if you’re really interested in learning if hair regeneration is feasible in Southeastern Massachusetts. We may schedule a time for you to speak with one of our professionals that specialize in hair loss. Before you realize it, you may be able to halt hair loss in New Bedford and begin growing your own natural hair again, depending on the type of hair loss you have. While not all forms of hair loss may be reversed, halted, or prevented in this way, there are treatments available for all forms of hair loss.

There’s no justification for putting up with unnatural-looking hair pieces or poor outcomes. This is your life that we are discussing! Thinning hair and hair loss can affect your relationships, work, and overall attitude. You may thus expect to receive assured results from our hair loss clinics, regardless of whether they recommend an LLLT therapy, a chemical or shampoo solution, or dermal lens hair choices for your particular circumstances. The strategy you choose to deal with thinning hair is up to you. Our staff of expert and well-versed hair loss professionals can assist you in determining which course of action best fits your requirements, way of life, and financial constraints.

Understanding the Cause of Hair Loss

We at South Coast Hair Options promise never to try to upsell you on a solution that is one size fits all. Not everyone can get the same outcomes from expensive over-the-counter medications found at large box retailers. You require a unique solution that is created just for you. With Corrective Hair remedies (CHS), hair loss in New Bedford may be stopped with customized remedies that address your specific needs. We use a variety of treatments rather than just one to provide a really unique approach that will aid in restoring your natural appearance.

Your pattern and rate of hair loss are among the many aspects that our professionals take into account. We also take into account your age, way of life, and the natural growth patterns of your hair. Shampoos, chemical treatments, low-level laser light therapy (LLLT), dermal lens hair, and other solutions may be part of the treatment plan that is created just for you. The greatest and fastest effects are frequently obtained by combining these therapies. But we’ll collaborate with you to identify a course of action that not only addresses hair loss in New Bedford but also fits into your schedule and price range.

Options for Your Type of Hair Loss

Our dermal lens hair program is one of the most well-liked options offered by South Coast Hair Options. It is a non-surgical, invisible derma lens that is made to blend in with the natural color, texture, density, and curl pattern of your hair. We use real human hair to provide our clients immediate outcomes. This is neither a hairpiece, nor is it a toupee. Virtual Reality Hair is not something you “put on” or wear; rather, it becomes an integral part of who you are. It really is a miracle, especially for people in Southeast Massachusetts who are unable to grow new hair. It produces results that are naturally beautiful and require no further care beyond routine washing, conditioning, and style.

Give us a call at 508-995-7085 if you would like more information about our hair loss clinics and the solutions available to halt hair loss in New Bedford. To decide the best course of action, our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals will assess your scalp and hair loss completely. Give South Coast Hair Options a call now to see why so many men rely on them for effective results.