Virtuesse Hair Replacement: Hair Loss Treatment for Women

virtuesse-for-womenMost people are familiar with male pattern baldness, but do not know much about female pattern baldness and how it can affect women. For those who are affected by it, it is possible to stop hair loss in New Bedford and provide you with the proper treatments to reverse the process and re-grow hair. The success rate of these procedures depends on the underlying cause of the hair loss and the response of the client to the various treatments. If you have been searching for new methods of how to treat hair loss in women and have become discouraged by some of your findings, take time to come to the South Coast Hair Options New Bedford hair loss clinic.

The reason why many treatments for hair loss do not work is because they are designed to stimulate hair growth or stop hair loss due to a specific type of condition or conditions. Unless you have been properly diagnosed, any treatment you try is just a hit-or-miss attempt and there is no guarantee that it will work. Sadly, Americans waste millions of dollars each year on hair loss treatments that won’t ever work because they are applied incorrectly or are applied to individuals with conditions that won’t ever respond to that type of treatment. When you visit South Coast Hair Options, you will notice right away that our approach to stop hair loss in New Bedford is different.

First a Diagnosis – Then a Treatment
Before any type of treatment can be done, a diagnosis must first be given. Once you find out the cause for your hair loss, such as stress, genetics or environment, you can work with the clinic to discover the treatment approach that would be best for you. Many of our female patients opt to begin treatments that have been proven successful for how to treat hair loss in women, while also signing up for an immediate solution to a frustrating problem. Virtuesse hair replacement is a treatment that will provide you with practically instant results without surgery, such as painful hair transplants or grafting procedures. It is sometimes known in the industry as “Hollywood hair” because it is used frequently by celebrities to combat thinning hair and other issues.

While most New Bedford hair loss clinics will recommend Virtuesse hair replacement only in cases of permanent hair loss, South Coast Hair Options can help you put this amazing technology to work for you to use as a temporary replacement while undergoing other therapies for how to treat hair loss in women. Virtuesse hair replacement is a state of the art hair replacement process that will provide you with naturally looking and feeling hair. Unlike wigs or other hair pieces, you can go swimming or exercise while wearing your Virtuesse hair replacement, as well as go skiing, shower or sweat, without worrying about what will happen to it.

How the Virtuesse Hair Replacement System Works
When you visit South Coast Hair Options to stop hair loss in New Bedford, your consultant may direct you toward the Virtuesse hair replacement system as a treatment option. The derma lens used with the Virtuesse system looks and feels just like your scalp. It is designed to hold the hair in place, just like your real scalp. It features a porous membrane that is virtually undetectable because it looks just like your own scalp. Our technicians work with you to duplicate your hair type. We don’t just have 4-5 colors to choose from, but a whole spectrum of options that include hair color, texture and even style.

The Virtuesse hair replacement program is designed to blend in with your hair – regardless of your hair type. Do you have thick hair, thin hair, curly hair or poker straight hair? Is the color, dark, light or a blend of tones and hues? Your consultant will consider all of the unique aspects of your own natural hair, consider your density and patterns, all to find the exact match that is right for you. Virtuesse hair replacement, compared to other methods that are used how to treat hair loss in women, is the most comfortable, brush-able and natural looking, plus it is much more affordable than you might think. No more bumps, edges or comb-overs to worry about – Virtuesse hair replacement will look and feel like your own natural hair.

Come to South Coast Hair Options
If you have been looking for a way to stop hair loss in New Bedford or are looking for a permanent solution to a frustrating condition, look no further than South Coast Hair Options. We will work with you to diagnose the cause of your hair loss and find the best method available of how to treat hair loss in women. Our New Bedford hair loss clinic has been very successful because we treat each client as an individual, cater to their specific needs and work with them to find a viable solution that will suit their lifestyle and their budget. Call today at 508-995-7085 to learn more about the Virtuesse hair replacement system or to schedule an appointment for a FREE evaluation.