Virtuesse Hair Replacement at New Bedford Hair Loss Clinic

hair-replacementWhen it comes to hair solutions for women that really work as a remedy for hair loss, one of the most successful and promising options is Virtuesse hair replacement. Available at South Coast Hair Options, your local New Bedford hair loss clinic, Virtuesse hair replacement is a non-surgical solution that has been proven to be an excellent option for women you are experiencing advanced hair loss, especially when hair extensions are not an option.

If you are looking for a remedy for hair loss that will help you get back to feeling confident, beautiful and more like yourself, look no further than the Virtuesse hair replacement solutions at South Coast Hair Options. This solution will help match your natural hair color, thickness and texture for truly seamless hair loss replacement. If you are sick and tired of wearing wigs and other hair pieces that just don’t measure up, visit our New Bedford hair loss clinic to find out more about our revolutionary hair solutions for women.

What is Virtuesse?
Compared to other one-size-fits-all solutions that you will see on television, in magazines or even at other hair clinics, the Virtuesse hair replacement system is a completely custom remedy for hair loss that has been developed just for women. It is designed for women who are experiencing advanced hair loss and require full coverage with the style, length and color that they desire.

The Virtuesse hair replacement system is an undetectable attachment made from real human hair that can be treated just like your natural, growing hair. What this means is that you can color and style this solution just as you would your own hair without worrying about how it will react to the additional treatments. This is an excellent alternative to style-restrictive wigs, noticeable hair appliances and painful hair extensions.

In just a single appointment at your New Bedford hair loss clinic, you can have the full coverage you desire in any style that you want. Regardless of the cause behind your thinning hair or advanced hair loss, the Virtuesse hair replacement system is an instant cure that looks great and is completely undetectable. It stays in place 24-hours a day and requires no additional maintenance than you would give your own natural hair.

How Does Virtuesse Work?
Compared to other hair pieces and wigs, the Virtuesse hair replacement system is semi-permanent. A non-surgical remedy for hair loss, your New Bedford hair loss clinic can secure these hair solutions for women in a single visit, creating a full-looking, natural and lush head of hair right away. It is bonded to the scalp via a thin, transparent base. Strands of the all-natural, real human hair are bonded to your scalp and are placed strategically to mimic natural growth patterns.

What this does is to give you all of the benefits of a surgical hair replacement treatment without the cost, pain and recovery time associated with this type of remedy for hair loss. Virtuesse is a simple and seamless way for women to have a full head of hair without having to go through multiple treatments, however if you would rather do the process gradually in stages to make your transformation less noticeable, that is an option as well. Our goal at South Coast Hair Options is to make you feel good about yourself. We will customize your hair solutions for women according to your unique needs and desires.

Virtuesse hair replacement can give you the exact coverage, style and length that you desire, which means that even very short hair styles can be achieved with this remedy for hair loss. Regardless of the length of hair that you choose, this product mimics natural growth patterns in such a way that it will remain undetectable, no matter what. You can style and color your new hair over time, take showers, go swimming, workout at the gym – an active lifestyle will not affect the results of this groundbreaking hair solutions for women.

Get Virtuesse at South Coast Hair Options
If you are considering the Virtuesse hair replacement remedy for hair loss, look no further than South Coast Hair Options. We are a certified New Bedford hair loss clinic that is authorized to provide our clients with an assessment of their Annual Rate of Hair Loss (ARHL) to help them make an informed decision about the course of treatment they wish to take regarding hair solutions for women. Give us a call today at 508-995-7085 to schedule an appointment for a free hair and scalp evaluation. Say goodbye to thinning hair, chemical damage and hair loss today with Virtuesse hair replacement!