Virtuesse as a Hair Loss Solution for Women

Fotolia_50278013_XSWomen lose hair just like men do and this can result in a very embarrassing scenario for a woman, considering women are expected to have heads full of hair throughout their lifetimes.

The Vituesse hair replacement solution is one that may work for you. It is hair that goes with you everywhere and no one knows that it is the result of hair restoration rather than your own hair. You don’t have to feel awkward and you don’t have to worry about it at any time because it looks and behaves like normal hair. It is natural to the touch and to the eye and easy to care for.

100% Real Hair

Virtuesse was created by Virtual Reality and it is a hair replacement system that uses 100% real hair, which creates ore thickness and greater length. It is a point where both nature and science can work harmoniously. This means forgetting about the self-consciousness and throwing out the awkwardness. Instead, thinning hair and female hair loss can go out the window and confidence can come back in. Virtuesse helps you get thicker hair and a hair specialist will work with you to achieve this. It is naturally, the solution is a personally customized one, and the fact that it is a hair replacement solution is not noticeable.

A Genetic or Hormonal Hair Loss Solution

If you are like many women who have experienced hair loss because of genetic or hormonal reasons, then you are most likely looking for a solution. If you haven’t lost your hair due to the hormone or genetic issue itself, you may have lost hair from medical treatments. Virtuesse hair replacement can help with that as well.

The hair that is used in the Virtuesse system is matched to your own hair so that a difference isn’t noticed. It is also stylable so that you can style it the way that you want to rather than be restricted to the limitations of your hair loss.

What is Virtuesse?

Virtuesse is like a second layer of skin. It is thin and flexible and adheres in a way that there are no bumps or ridges. It is unnoticeable to the human touch, so anyone touching your hair will not know the difference between your hair and Virtuesse. Here are some of the pros:

•    No special daily maintenance
•    The front can be brushed back
•    It withstands physical activity, making it undetectable to others
•    Hairstyles that are short and close to the scalp can be created
•    The scalp pigment color is replicated through the use of natural polymers
•    Can be as thin as your natural hair with no bangs
•    Natural hair grown is simulated through hair pattern and angulation
•    Self-maintenance is easy, making personal styling simple
•    The most natural appearance and touch is achieved through Euro Texture Human Hair
•    If there is natural maturing gray hair, then the Virtuesse hair can replicate that natural occurrence

This hair replacement method is a modern method and it is friendly. A hair specialist will evaluate your hair and let you know what will work best for you. You can also express your wants and needs so that the hair is fully customized. Celebrities and stylists in Hollywood utilize Virtuesse to achieve that luxurious look. Basically, your hair can be made to look as good as the hairstyles you see on your television.

Many Success Stories

Many individuals have reported a great deal of success with Virtuesse when they want to get thicker hair. Those who have had self-esteem issues because of their hair loss, have been able to eliminate that lack of confidence because of Virtuesse. They feel better at work, when at the gym, when going out on dates, and at home. It is a 24/7 solution that can be implemented for the long-term so that the confidence that is achieved can be had indefinitely.

So when you are faced with hair loss, it is important to know that there are solutions so that you do not have to deal with them unnecessarily. When a quality hair replacement method is put in place, it can be easy to forget that there was ever an issue to begin with.


If you are faced with hair loss for any reason, South Coast Hair Options has a number of solutions that you can enjoy with Virtuesse being one of them. To learn more, call 508-995-7085 or fill out our contact form.