Understanding Hair Loss & Laser Hair Therapy

Hair loss graphicTo understand laser hair therapy, you have to understand hair loss. First, there are many causes of hair loss with the primary one being both female and male pattern baldness. This affects around half of men and a quarter of women and the cause is directly related to scalp hygiene, levels of DHT, and the hair’s nutrition.

Hair Basics

There are three basic layers of skin that make up the scalp: the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous layer. In other words, the skin layers are the same as those all over your body. Inside the three layers are nerves, blood vessels, glands, muscles, and hair. The blood flow supports the hair, which, in turn, requires nutrients and oxygen to allow cellular activity to take place. This cellular activity leads to new growth. As the new hair grows, the sebaceous gland lubricates it in the follicle. This coats the hair so that it can grow smoothly.

Ensuring proper hair nutrition ensures the hair remains healthy. Blood and nutrients have to reach the papilla area for this to be possible. When the nutrients that reach the papilla hair cells are few, then the hair cells are going to reproduce slowly. This is how thin, poor quality hair happens.

Hair Loss Basics

Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, causes 93 percent of hair loss. DHT makes hair follicles become smaller by shortening the growth phase and lengthening the resting phase. This causes hair follicles to shrink and simply die. This is why a person may have very fine hairs right above the scalp.

Sebaceous oil can also cause sebum, which builds up. When sebum builds up in the follicle, it can harden and that causes a sebum plug that prohibits hair growth. When compounded with weak hairs that are already there, the reduction in hair growth is decreased.

The good news is that even with thin and fine hair, there is still some life in the hair follicle that needs to be brought out. Low laser light therapy for hair loss will bring life back into the hair follicles so your hair is not as fine and so it grows faster.

Laser Therapy For Hair Loss

Many individuals in New Bedford and New River who have experienced hair loss have opted for low laser therapy for hair loss because it is effective. This low laser therapy for hair loss is non-surgical and is painless. For well over 30 years, its effectiveness has been tested all over the world.

The light energy that is delivered by the laser diodes covers the entire head. The scientific principle is the same as photo-bio-stimulation, as the laser stimulates cell metabolism and helps any damaged cells repair themselves. This technology is a breakthrough and has been featured in the media and all over the Internet. It has also birthed companies, such as South Coast Hair Options that exist for the sole purpose of helping people battle hair loss.

In fact, the FDA has approved two laser types for hair regrowth. In 2009, there was a study released at the ISHRS Convention in the Netherlands that showed that:

•    100% of the individuals in the study showed an increase in hair growth
•    77% of them experienced hair growth that was equal to or greater than 51%
•    97% of them had an increased hair count that was equal to or greater than 20%

Some other studies include:

•    A study by Dr. Martin Unger in which 94.4% of his subject showed a hair increase
•    A European Study that showed 100% hair retention and a 20% improvement in density and thickness
•    A Canadian Government certified laser that has shown to prevent hair loss, strengthen hair, and stimulate hair growth in both sexes

There are currently more clinical trials that are occurring and will occur so that all of the benefits of laser therapy for hair loss can be realized. Basically, it is expected that lasers will become the standard in hair loss therapy. It is based off of scientific studies ranging all the way back to the 1700s that show sunlight – or the lack of – can affect the biochemistry of the body. It has been shown that light affects the hair and how fast it grows, which is what laser hair therapy is based off of and why so many in New Bedford and Fall River are turning to it to regrow their thinning hair.

If you are suffering from thinning hair, South Coast Hair Options can help you. We can devise a treatment plan that works for your individual situation, helping you once again have the hair that you want. Call us at 508-995-7085 or fill out our contact form today.