Treatment for Women: South Coast Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

lllt-for-womenThere are a lot of reasons for Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss that are seen in female clients who come in to find a treatment for thinning hair in South Coast. Once you understand the cause, it is easy to find a solution that will help you to feel like yourself again. One of the treatments that has had a lot of success with women is something known as Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT. This technology is being used in a lot of exciting ways throughout the medical field and, in recent years, it has been a great way to help regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts for women and men.

Because different types of hair loss require different solutions, it is important to receive a professional consultation before jumping into any program that offers South Coast laser therapy for hair loss. South Coast Hair Options provides new clients with a free consultation to help increase the odds for success, regardless of what treatment is determined that you need most. During your consultation, you and the technician will discuss your options and find the best solution based on the cause of your hair loss, your lifestyle and your budget.

What is LLLT?
Before you start any treatment for hair thinning in South Coast or anywhere else, it is important to understand what that treatment will include. People today like to think that all they have to do is take a pill or use a special shampoo and they will have a healthy, thick head of hair overnight. Unfortunately, because hair loss happens gradually and has many underlying causes, the treatment used to regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts can take some time and it can require more than one visit to see results.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is what is known in the medical industry as a “cold” laser. A “hot” laser is what we think of after watching science fiction movies or reading about surgeries that are done with lasers. The light energy that comes from the LLLT as part of a plan for South Coast laser therapy for hair is absorbed into the tissue of the scalp, but it does not heat up or cause a feeling of heat. In fact, most clients say that they don’t feel a thing. LLLT is a bio-stimulating treatment and will not destroy, cut or otherwise affect tissue in that way.

A more technical description of laser therapy when used for the treatment of Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss is that it has a wavelength of light energy that is between 620nm and 670nm, which fall into what is known as the “red light” or “infrared” range within the light spectrum. When this type of red or cold light is delivered at a low level of power, it can affect the physiology of the actual cells within the hair follicle to increase blood flow to the dermis, stimulate the cells where growth occurs and can even convert as many as 70 percent of the hairs back into the growth phase of the hair cycle.

Why is LLLT so Successful?
The truth is that sometimes we don’t know why one treatment for hair thinning in South Coast will work better than another in some patients. Studies have revealed that both LLLT and Rogaine, along with other treatments, are more effective in women than in men. It could be due to the underlying causes of the hair loss or the way that the condition affects hair loss in women versus men. Whatever the reason, it is important to work with the clinic to determine the course of action that is best based upon your individual needs.

Unfortunately, many clients have tried over the counter remedies in the past without experiencing any results. This is in part due to the fact that the over the counter options are not as strong as the clinical prescriptions. It is also due to improper self-diagnosis of the underlying causes of hair loss by the client themselves. Once properly diagnosed, and if South Coast laser therapy for hair is prescribed, patients will begin to see results and work with their technician to find long-lasting solutions.

LLLT is one of the more affordable types of treatments used to regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts. It is also painless and doesn’t require taking any prescription medications that might have side effects or have a conflict with other medications being taken for other conditions. Treatments can be done according to the client’s schedule, either on a multiple day per week regimen, once a week or less frequent, depending on their needs and budget. While results will not be as quick with less treatment visits, if the solution is paired properly with the cause for hair loss, the results will still be visible.

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