Treat Yourself This Holiday: Hair Loss Treatment in New Bedford

While the holidays may look and feel a little different this year, it provides individuals with the opportunity to treat themselves a bit more this season with gifts that they can genuinely enjoy. Having confidence in your appearance is priceless and can help you in your relationships, work, and social life. For men who suffer from male pattern baldness, even a little bit of extra hair in the shower drain or on the hairbrush can be frustrating. The good news is that there is a hair loss treatment in New Bedford that is right for you. At South Coast Hair Options, we understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for hair loss. We customize our treatments based on the type of hair loss, any underlying conditions, lifestyle considerations, and financial restrictions of our clients. Whether that means laser hair therapy, dermal lens system applications, or any of our other Corrective Hair Solutions, we can provide real results for ALL types of hair loss.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Do you really need another power tool or pair of cozy socks? While those might be nice, the long-lasting benefits of hair loss treatment to overcome male pattern baldness can be enjoyed all year long. Get back to looking like yourself again with our customized and individualized solution tailored to your specific needs. At South Coast Hair Options, our solutions are affordable, safe and natural, work with your existing hair, won’t restrict your active lifestyle, and are designed specifically for men’s hair restoration. Stop wasting money on hair loss treatment in New Bedford that doesn’t address your specific needs. Our treatments will work with any type of hair loss problem and can be used to stop hair loss, prevent the continued loss, or repair damage caused by years of neglected hair problems. Whatever your needs, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can help you to achieve your goals.

Depending on the type of hair loss that you are experiencing and the underlying causes for male pattern baldness, there are a variety of treatments that can be provided. Our laser hair therapy program works with alopecia and other types of hair loss for both men and women, and our dermal lens system can be used to deliver instant results or gradual restoration for a smooth transition. Which treatment is the best for you? We start each new client off by providing a FREE scalp assessment and evaluation to determine the actual cause of hair loss. Genetics, environmental, stress, diet, and other factors can all cause thinning hair and shedding, regardless of your age. You might see more scalp in the mirror in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s. Studies show that more than 45 million men in the United States alone have experienced some degree of hair loss. The good news is that there are now proven treatments and solutions that can be used to give you a full head of hair without painful procedures and surgery.

A Different Approach to Hair Loss

When you visit the South Coast Hair Options clinic in New Bedford, you will immediately notice a difference from other hair loss services in the Southeastern Massachusetts area. Our technicians have worked exclusively with men and women to provide treatments that deliver results for many years. We have a solid reputation in the local area for the methods we use for hair loss treatment in New Bedford, and some of our clients come to us from all over the northeastern region. Once we complete the scalp and hair evaluation, which includes obtaining information about the thickness and density of your hair, the pattern and rate of loss, as well as your goals for regrowth and correction, we can begin to offer treatments. Our dedicated staff has more than 84 years of combined styling and replacement experience, and we are committed to continuing education and training for every member of our team.

Since 1974, clients have trusted South Coast Hair Options to deliver quality surgical and non-surgical results. We have helped thousands of men and women in the South Coast area to look and feel their best with a full head of healthy and natural-looking hair. Corrective Hair Solutions is a custom treatment program for male pattern baldness. To learn more about all of the services and treatment options we provide, including laser hair therapy and Virtual Reality dermal lens system applications, contact our team directly by calling 508-995-7085 and speak with one of our technicians.