Treat Yourself: Professional New Bedford Hair Loss Treatment

new bedford hair lossKnown most commonly as alopecia or male pattern baldness, hair loss of any degree can harm your self-esteem, social function, and ultimately, your appearance. There are many different causes of hair loss that must be considered before a treatment program or solution is offered in order to get the best results. At South Coast Hair Options, we begin each new client relationship by providing a FREE comprehensive scalp evaluation, which allows us the opportunity to discover the underlying causes of hair loss. This helps us to ensure that we give each client the solutions, treatment options, and services necessary to get the best possible results.

Types of Male Hair Loss

Men and women are very different and, as a result, so can be the types of hair loss that impact them most frequently. Androgenetic alopecia is a hereditary condition that can be seen in both men and women to different degrees. This is genetic and can come from either the father’s or the mother’s side of the family. Even if your parents had a full set of hair and experienced no hair loss issues, an uncle, grandmother, or cousin who had a bald spot, receding hairline, or patchy loss might indicate a hereditary condition. Our New Bedford hair loss treatment options are designed to help our clients save time and money by addressing their unique needs at our hair loss clinics. We offer laser hair therapy, Virtual Reality hair replacement, and a wide range of other Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) services.

Other types of hair loss can include alopecia areata, which often occurs quite suddenly; telogen effluvium, which typically happens after a stressful event; scarring alopecia, which is a permanent hair loss caused by scar tissue; and loose anagen syndrome, which is seen most frequently in fair-haired persons and sometimes even in children. Triangular alopecia, traction alopecia, and trichotillomania are all types of hair loss that we see and can treat at South Coast Hair Options. In fact, there is no type of hair loss that we cannot produce a solution for when you visit our hair loss clinics in New Bedford. We can offer options for hair regrowth, when available, as well as scalp treatments and other options for certain types of hair loss, as well as complete hair replacement, when necessary.

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

You may hear this term a lot when discussing thinning hair, receding hairlines, and outright hair loss in men. It is by far one of the most common types of male hair loss and is diagnosed by the pattern of loss that occurs on the scalp. A hereditary condition, male pattern baldness affects more than 35 million men in the United States and becomes more common with increasing age, impacting more than half of all men in their 50’s to some degree. While there are various patterns, the classic horseshoe shape that forms on the top of the head is what is recognized most often. Early loss can occur in the temples, forehead, and at the crown of the head. Advanced loss can be displayed in a simple ring of hair that goes from each ear around the back of the head.

Medical treatment options, including shampoos and creams, as well as supplements, are just some of the ways that hair loss clinics treat these conditions. Low-level laser treatment or LLLT is sometimes used with significant results, depending on the individual and their type of hair loss. Laser hair therapy has been successful in treating hair loss in both men and women and can be provided in addition to other treatments, including medical and hair replacement options. Depending on your goals, budget, lifestyle, and hair loss needs, our New Bedford hair loss treatment center can help you to get the look and style that you have always wanted for your hair – either in a single visit or gradually to reduce detection by coworkers and family members.

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