Top Options in Southeastern Massachusetts for Hair Loss in Men

Losing your hair can be a traumatic experience for many men. While hair loss is quite common, especially in men over the age of 30 and 40, when it happens to you, you can feel quite alone. Hair loss can begin as early as 20, or it can wait and start when a man reaches his late 40s or early 50s. Regardless of when it happens, it is important to choose a solution that will help you to regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts as soon as possible. South Coast Hair Options is unique to other hair loss solution programs. We provide each client with a complete evaluation to determine the underlying cause of hair loss before we offer a single treatment or solution. Each person’s hair loss is unique, and while male pattern baldness (MPB) is the number one cause of hair loss for men in North America, it is important to offer the correct treatment based on your unique needs.

What is Laser Hair Therapy?
One of the best FDA approved treatments available through professional providers is laser hair therapy. Forget all of those as-seen-on-TV laser solutions, such as brushes, combs, and caps. No at-home solution could ever provide you with the opportunity to reverse Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss in men the way that a treatment that has been tailored specifically to your exact thinning or hair loss will. Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) is a comprehensive approach designed to stop hair loss, regrow hair, and help to prevent baldness to enhance the look of your existing hair. There are many different types of treatments, including laser hair therapy, dermal lens hair solutions, powerful DHA blockers, as well as prescription medications, available through our program physician.

However, laser hair therapy is by far one of the most exciting solutions available. Also known as low level laser light therapy (LLLT) or biotherapy, this treatment is delivered at our location via clinical laser or handheld laser applications at our location. It is low-cost, pain-free, and provides results for those who have the type of hair loss that responds well to this treatment. The goals of reducing hair loss and eliminating baldness include making improvements to the scalp and hair environment, providing significant blockage to DHT, offering complete nutrition for hair, and finding new methods for enhancing the appearance of thinning hair to stimulate hair growth.

Are You a Candidate?
Unlike many over-the-counter medications and treatments that you have likely seen marketed on television and in magazines, the solutions available at South Coast Hair Options that are designed to regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts are not one-size-fits-all, and that’s why they work! When you visit our New Bedford location, we will provide you with a complete evaluation of your hair and scalp to determine the underlying cause of the thinning or hair loss. Once the cause has been identified, our technicians will create a custom approach to addressing your hair loss issues. Some of those treatments many include laser hair therapy, but it is important to know that not every client is a candidate for LLLT treatments.

Our staff will work with you to begin a treatment plan that addresses your specific medical issues, takes into account your lifestyle and goals, while maintaining targets relating to your budget and what you can afford to spend. In some cases the best course of action is to receive hair restoration surgery or commit to a hair replacement system, such as dermal lens hair solutions. Some clients may prefer to have a gradual addition of hair to avoid a very noticeable change, while others may not want to wait a moment longer and will ask about immediate solutions. We work with you to set realistic goals on a time table that is right for you. Just contact our office to start working toward a solution for Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss in men today.

What to Expect
Once we begin a treatment program to help regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts, you can expect to receive a comprehensive consultation as to the steps that will be taken toward success. Suggestions for lifestyle and nutritional changes will be offered to help maximize the results. Efforts to improve your overall health, including the health of your hair and scalp by removing dandruff and sebum, plays a big part. This will help to eliminate dirt and debris from the hair, boost blood flow to hair follicles, and infuse them with much-needed nutrients to encourage hair growth. Topical and oral products will be used to help block DHT formation that can bind itself to the hair follicles. If recommended, laser hair therapy will also be used, along with consistent monitoring of your growth progress.

Contact South Coast Hair Options
If you are interested in learning more about how to regrow hair and prevent thinning through the use of laser hair therapy, dermal lens hair, and other Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) give us a call at 508-995-7085. Our team will schedule an appointment for your FREE evaluation and help you to choose the best medical and clinical approach to hair loss based on your unique needs and expectations. Call today and see the South Coast Hair Options difference!