The Truth Behind Hair Loss Cures

hair loss diagramThere is a lot of hype surrounding hair loss and baldness cures, so that has many individuals wondering what is true and what is not. Because hair loss is such a sensitive subject, it is very important that it is addressed properly. Hair loss for both men and women can have quite a profound effect on a person’s emotional status. This means that anything that is advertised as a guaranteed remedy is going to play on a person’s emotions.

One of the first things to understand when it comes to baldness cures is that not every hair loss treatment is going to work for everyone. What may work for your neighbor may not work for you, which means a hair loss cure will need to be found for your unique case. There are cases in which there are no hair loss cures because the issue lies in an underlying health problem or the hair loss is a side effect of a medication. Sometimes having the health issue or medication addressed will allow hair to grow back.

The Case of the Bad Hair Transplants

A radio show host had people call in to talk about their bad hair transplants. One of the callers said that he had had his head disfigured by a procedure gone wrong. Because his head was so disfigured, he had refused promotions within the New York City Police Department because a promotion meant he would not be able to wear a hat. As a beat cop, he could keep wearing his hat so that no one would know anything had happened to his head. In the end, it was not the baldness that he was ashamed of; it was the fact that what caused his disfigurement was a hair transplant and that is not exactly something someone wants to explain to anyone when asked what happened.

Hair Loss in Women

Forty percent of those suffering from hair loss are women. Because men do expect to experience thinning hair in midlife, women that experience it are devastated. For a woman, they feel like it is over. This makes women especially vulnerable to advertisements for miracle hair loss cures. When they see something that they think will work, they are automatically ready to fork over the money to make it happen. What happens is a woman invests both financially and emotionally. When the treatment proves to be ineffective, the emotional toll becomes even greater. There have been times where women have become suicidal because they feel there is no remedy for hair loss that will work for them. There are even men that become suicidal over their hair loss. They feel that their social life is over and that their spouse or partner may not want them anymore.

Amazingly, the hair loss treatment industry is a $43.5 billion industry. It makes about as much money as over-the-counter fly and cold medications. However, a large percentage of treatments don’t work because individuals are not consulting with their doctors to find underlying issues first and, yes, there are treatments out there that really do not work.

The Hair Loss Myth

There is one hair loss myth out there and it is that hair loss is permanent. The truth is that not all hair loss is going to last forever. When stress, a health problem, a nutrient deficiency, or a medication is the cause, addressing the issue will most likely cure it.

Consulting with a hair loss expert can also produce some insight on what is happening. Low laser light therapy has been effective time and time again because a common reason behind hair not growing is because the scalp needs to be stimulated. Lack of blood flow to the hair follicles can stop hair growth and lead to thinning and balding. By addressing this, the problem can be rectified and the hair can grow again.

When the hair refuses to grow again, there are alternative methods to give a person the head of hair they want without having to opt for an expensive, painful, and time consuming hair transplant procedure. Addressing hair loss does not have to be painful at all, so it may be in your best interest to skip out on the pain since it is not necessary.


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