The Different Ways Women can Fight Hair Loss

Fotolia_57445482_XSWomen that lose their hair experience a great deal of emotion that they never knew they would ever have to deal with until the time came. When more hair than usual is finding its way into the hairbrush or more is at the bottom of the shower, the fear of baldness sets in.

Hidden Causes of Hair Loss

Women and hair loss has become a more talked about topic since more women seem to be suffering from the issue. There are a number of hidden causes of hair loss. They include:

  • Genes – Most individuals can look toward their parents as their cause of hair loss, but mom or dad can’t help it because they also inherited the gene. Heredity is actually the most common cause of hair loss. In fact, approximately 30 million women in the United States alone are affected.
  • Excessive shedding – This type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium and it is common, caused by surgery, medication changes, childbirth, flu, general anesthesia, psychological stress, and severe anemia. Diet can also play a role. To fight this type of hair loss, it is best to identify the cause and address it. Reassurance and time are typically the best remedy.
  • Thyroid conditions – If the thyroid gland is not in check, it can cause hair loss. The skin of the scalp can become more brittle and that can make the hair break easily. The best thing to do is have a blood test to show if there is a problem. Proper thyroid treatment can then lead to the cessation of hair loss and, in many cases, hair will grow back.
  • Scalp conditions – Scalp conditions can cause hair to fall out. Fungal infection, sebhorreic dermatitis can make the scalp shed, and autoimmune conditions are common issues that lead to scalp conditions. Addressing those conditions is one of the best hair loss solutions for women.
  • Skin disease – Alopecia areata is a common condition, as it is an autoimmune skin disease. Small circular patches begin to fall out and then it progresses to the entire head. If you are suffering this and you are wondering how to treat hair loss in women suffering from this, then there are some hair loss solutions for women in New Bedford and Fall River.

How to Treat Hair Loss in Women

There are different ways to treat hair loss in women with the main method being the addressing of the cause, when that is possible. Sometimes the cause can be addressed and hair never grows back or the cause is one that can’t be treated (heredity). There are clinical treatments, hair extensions, and other methods that can give women natural looking hair that they wash and style as if it grew from their scalp.

However, there are times when the cause may be one that can be treated through a change in diet. Eating plenty of protein can help, as well as taking in adequate iron, zinc, biotin, supplements with vitamins that promote hair growth (talk to your doctor). Even managing stress through exercise, yoga, getting plenty of rest, and eating right can help clear out a great deal of stress and allow women to hang on to their hair longer.

Tips on Caring for Thinning Hair

Coloring hair is one reason why hair will fall out. It is important to ensure that the instructions are followed correctly. Be sure to skip the bleach since bleach can damage the hair and to check the contrast. It is very important that the color is close to the color of the scalp. It may be safer to consider getting the coloring done at the salon because of the high-end options and the fact that professionals do know what they are doing when it comes to ensuring the protection of the hair.

For the do-it-yourselfers, always check the label, use semi-permanent color, work your way from the ends to the roots, and make sure you watch the clock so the dye is not on the hair too long before being washed out. If it is left on too long, then there may be a burning sensation. Also make sure the hair is properly conditioned and that the car is as close to natural as possible.

There are also some helpful products, such as shampoos and conditioners. If hair is dry, then a shampoo for dry hair can help. Scalp lotions and such are available, as well as leave in products that are good for thinning hair. You can also opt for professional treatments that replace the lost hair and restore thickness.


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