The Best New Bedford Hair Loss Treatments That Work for Men

hair loss treatments for men New BedfordFor many men in America and around the globe, hair loss is a fact of life. However, you don’t have just to sit idly by and do nothing about it. If you want to get your hair back, there are things you can do to make that happen. Unfortunately, the hair loss industry is a billion-dollar machine that is driven by consumer desperation and frequently sells products that just don’t work. The majority of over-the-counter (OTC) remedies will only provide results for a small fraction of users and, even then, they likely won’t provide the thick, head of hair that the model in the commercial was sporting that got you to buy it in the first place. Those late-night TV commercials and infomercials are just as misleading. If you are tired of wasting money and want hair loss treatments that work, it’s time to try South Coast Hair Options in New Bedford, MA.

Signs of Male Pattern Baldness

For most men, typical signs of male pattern baldness include a receding hairline and loss of hair at the crown. This can be caused by any number of conditions, including dietary problems, protein deficiency, prescription medications, chemotherapy, and other medical causes, as well as genetics, normal aging effects, and alopecia. A direct correlation between nutrition deficiencies caused by poor diet or event diet fads, such as the impact of keto and hair loss, could also be the culprit. This is why there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to hair loss.

You might benefit from New Bedford laser hair therapy, a shampoo treatment solution, or a combination of multiple approaches. For others, a Virtual Reality or dermal hair lens product might be the best option for a non-surgical way to address signs of male pattern baldness. When you come to South Coast Hair Options, we will provide you with a FREE evaluation of your scalp and a consultation to determine the best course of action based on your individual needs and lifestyle requirements. Our solutions are safe and natural, affordable, designed to not restrict your active lifestyle, and can work with your existing hair. We have every option available to achieve a complete and natural look – regardless of the cause for hair loss.

How to Get Started

The best way to find a solution that works for your type of hair loss is to get started right away. The longer you wait to find hair loss treatments that work, the longer it will take to see results. While some of our clients do well with a singular treatment, such as New Bedford laser hair therapy or other Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) services, many will see new hair growth or get the results they desire when a combination of options are used. It all depends on the cause and rate of hair loss, density of your natural hair, and the results that you want to achieve. It is possible to fight the signs of male pattern baldness and get a treatment for alopecia, genetics, or even keto and hair loss that works.

Studies show that more than 45 million men in the United States have experienced some degree of hair loss, and it can happen at any age. The good news is that we can provide a solution for every client we serve, creating a customized and individual treatment option based on your specific needs. We share the same goal: to help you look and feel like yourself again. Our Virtual Reality treatment is not like a hairpiece; it becomes a part of you. It is not something you wear or put on each day. This innovative technique involves the application of an invisible, non-surgical dermal lens, which is much like a contact lens into which real human hair is inserted. The hair is compatible with the density, color, curl pattern, and texture of your natural hair.

Low Maintenance, Affordable Solutions

If you are ready to start using hair loss treatments that work to battle aging, alopecia, genetics, or the effects of keto and hair loss, contact South Coast Hair Options. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians will work with you to find the solutions that are best for you and your budget. Call today at 508-995-7085 or use our online contact form to receive a phone call from one of our team members at your convenience.