Stress, Thinning Hair and Solutions for Women in New Bedford

Thinning Hair - Hair Loss in WomenThe human body is an amazing thing. At any given time, approximately 90 percent of the hairs on your head are in what is known as the “growing” phase. They can grow about an inch or more in a month. The growing phase for each of these hairs is between two and three years. Once the “growing” phase is over,” the “rest” phase kicks in and lasts about three to four months. Once that is completed the hair falls out and is replaced by a new one, with the “growing” phase kicking in and starting all over again. The average person loses 100 hairs per day. If you are losing more than this, due to stress or other influences, you may be interested in learning how to treat hair loss in women right here in Southeastern Massachusetts.

New Bedford laser hair therapy, through the experienced technicians at South Coast Hair Options for women, can help to stimulate this growth phase and help to increase growth all over the scalp. This treatment is particularly effective in New Bedford to regrow hair in women. While both men and women experience a variety of hair loss causes or have thinning hair due to prescription medications, health conditions and heredity, one of the least talked about causes of hair loss is stress. If it is determined that stress is behind your thinning hair, you will want to take advantage of the hair loss solutions for women available at our New Bedford hair loss clinic.

How Stress Causes Hair Loss
There are different types of stress: mental, emotional, and physical. Each can cause chain reactions in the body that can often appear months after the initial stress occurs. Stress can cause your hair to go into the “resting” phase all at the same time, which means that it could all fall out in about three to four months following a stressful situation. Being involved in a car accident, suffering a substantial financial or personal loss, or undergoing any other type of trauma could cause massive hair loss to occur in an individual. Emotional and mental stress are different from physiological stress, which has a higher occurrence of causing stress-related hair loss.

Some examples of physiological stress can include:

  • severe illness or other medical condition
  • strict low-calorie diet and weight loss of more than 20 pounds
  • major surgery or infections
  • extremely high fever
  • being in an accident where an injury occurs
  • giving birth or suffering a miscarriage

Overcoming Hair Loss Myths
The type of hair loss that we are talking about here, which can often be treated with New Bedford laser hair therapy in addition to other treatments, is known in the medical industry as telogen effluvium. It can be caused by physical or emotional stress. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of misinformation floating around in our culture that can cause poor choices in hair solutions for women that have little to no effect on regrowing hair. If you are looking for treatments in New Bedford to regrow hair in women, it pays to work with a licensed, experienced, and reputable organization like South Coast Hair Options.

The internet is another way that bad solutions get spread from one woman to another. Your hair will not grow back thicker if you shave it and you won’t lose more hair if you shampoo your hair more than three times in a week. Hair loss caused by stress is not permanent, in fact, it can be reversed.

So if you truly want to know how to treat hair loss in women that is caused by stress, you should visit your local hair loss clinic at South Coast Hair Options. Avoid over-the-counter remedies that offer a one-size-fits-all solution that doesn’t work for stress-related hair loss. Avoid “old wives tale” type solutions, such as putting olive oil on the scalp to sleep at night or not washing your hair for a month. Instead, rely on trusted and true solutions, such as our New Bedford laser hair therapy. Find out which treatment is best for you, your scalp, your type of hair loss, and your budget.

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