Stress-Induced Hair Loss: Top Cause of Female Pattern Baldness

stress induced hair loss in womenApart from genetic alopecia or female pattern baldness, stress-induced hair loss is one of the most prevalent reasons of hair loss in women. Many things might cause stress, including health conditions or even issues at work. Additional reasons may include a child’s illness, the death of a spouse or other close relative, money difficulties, or other forms of bereavement. The good news is that South Coast Hair Options’ Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) can help people in the Greater Boston region regenerate hair if stress is the only factor contributing to hair loss.

Virtuesse hair replacement is an easy, non-surgical way to get a full head of hair right now for people who can’t wait for underlying therapies to be completed at Greater Boston hair loss clinics or who need quick results. Virtuesse hair replacement is utilized by models, celebrities, and regular people to create a fuller, more attractive head of hair in only one visit. It is far superior than standard hair weave solutions. Virtuesse can also be applied gradually to create the impression that your hair is getting thicker over time.

Is It Stress or Genetic Alopecia?

It’s important for you to realize that stress-related hair loss does not occur suddenly. In fact, after stress-related disruptions to the hair development phase, it can take two to three months for the hair to really fall out. The growth phase, the resting phase, and the shedding phase are the three main cycles of hair growth. Stress causes growth-phase hair to naturally transition to the resting phase, when it eventually reaches the shedding phase and falls out in a few months. South Coast Hair Solutions and other hair loss clinics in your area can diagnose this problem and suggest you treatment alternatives.

Unlike other hair-growth programs offered in the Greater Boston region, Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) does not guarantee hair growth. It targets the underlying cause of hair loss and is customized to meet the specific needs of each individual. Our staff may collaborate with you to identify a solution that suits your requirements, way of life, and financial constraints, regardless of the underlying cause—physical or emotional stress, environmental problems, hormones, genetics, or a mix of problems.

Causes of Female Pattern Baldness

It’s critical to identify the root cause of hair loss before attempting to regenerate hair in the Greater Boston region. While many clinics provide their consumers a one-size-fits-all treatment plan, South Coast Hair Solutions looks for solutions that are specifically tailored to your circumstances by diagnosing the underlying cause of the issue. It’s crucial to understand that additional outside factors may also impede hair development in cases of telogen effluvium, the stress-related disorder that causes hair loss. The issue won’t go away unless those elements are eliminated. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis is crucial for implementing the most effective treatment plan for female hair loss in Southeastern Massachusetts.

It is essential to pinpoint the exact cause of hair loss, especially if you want to find a way to stop future loss and regrow hair. Certain factors, including a change in hormones during pregnancy, post-delivery hormonal changes after giving birth, and even perimenopause and menopause, could all be responsible for thinning hair and severe hair loss. In addition, over the counter medications, prescription drugs, as well as illnesses or disease, could also be a major or underlying cause of hair loss. Physical trauma, which is typically accompanied by stress, is also known to cause thinning hair and loss that requires immediate attention.

Regrow or Replace Hair in the Boston Area

Visiting South Coast Hair Options, our hair loss clinic in the Boston region, is the greatest method to achieve results. Our staff of skilled, experienced, and highly trained professionals can assist you in determining which course of action is ideal for your specific circumstance. You may also benefit from our Virtuesse hair replacement option for instant results. This option gives you natural-looking hair and can be used as a temporary fix while other treatments are being administered or as a stand-alone solution.

Call 508-995-7085 or visit our New Bedford, Massachusetts office to make an appointment. Since every client we work with is unique, we at South Coast Hair Options make sure to provide you personalized attention and care. Since 1974, our staff has been offering women in Southeastern Massachusetts both surgical and non-surgical options for hair loss. Get in touch with us now for a FREE consultation to start down the path to achieving the hair you’ve always desired or regaining the hair you’ve always loved.