Stop Hair Loss in New Bedford for Emotional or Physical Stress

stop-hair-lossTwo of the biggest factors that must be considered when it comes to women and hair loss are emotional and physical stress. In many cases, these situations can lead to hair loss, causing further stress, depression and concern for most people. However, there are hair loss solutions for women that have been developed specifically to address conditions that arise as a result of emotional and physical stress. If you think this might be an issue for you, your best bet is to visit the South Coast Hair Options hair loss clinics so your condition can be identified and you can get on track to stop hair loss in New Bedford and the surrounding South Coast region right away.

When Hair Loss Occurs
For women who have suffered from hair loss due to emotional or physical stress, sometimes the hair loss doesn’t happen until weeks or months after the event that caused the stress had occurred. The reason for this is due to the natural growth cycle. Hair loss can continue to occur for many weeks and months after it begins, depending on the nature and severity of the traumatic event. A death in the family, the loss of a job, a major household move or a car accident can even be the catalyst for women and hair loss. While men do suffer from stress-related hair loss, it is the most common type of hair loss seen in women at hair loss clinics around the globe.

Fortunately, when it comes to emotional or physical stress related hair loss, growth will typically begin again on its own once the source of the stress in the person’s life are removed or dealt with in some way. However, there are things that you can do today to help stop hair loss in New Bedford. There are many hair loss solutions for women that have been proven to work, including laser hair therapy and temporary solutions, such as Virtuesse. There are also things that you can do, as an individual on your own, to reduce the emotional and physical stress that can lead to hair loss. Start by setting an appointment at South Coast Hair Options and begin finding new ways to remove stress from your life.

Three Types of Stress Related Hair Loss
Once you understand the different ways that stress can affect women and hair loss, the easier it is to overcome it and prevent it from getting worse or lasting any longer than it needs to. In many cases, the incident or accident that causes the stress has already happened, but it is how you act and react to it afterwards that can really help to reduce the overall effects of it in your life. Once identified, the type of hair loss that you have can be addressed effectively at South Coast Hair Options with a variety of hair loss solutions for women at your local hair loss clinics.

Type #1 – Telogen Effluvium
In past articles, we have discussed telegon, which is the last phase of hair growth before the hair is pushed out of the follicle to make room for new hair growth. When someone has hair loss related to telogen effluvium, they are experiencing a stress that sends a “message” to the hair follicles to go into that resting phase and cause hair to fall out suddenly. It can happen gradually, following the onset of the stress, or it can happen in a large amount. Sometimes hair loss doesn’t happen until weeks or even months after the stressful incident, but sometimes it can just take a few days or a week to begin.

Type #2 – Alopecia Areata
This type of hair loss comes when the immune system “turns against” the hair follicles, causing hair to fall out rapidly. Sometimes hair falls out in big chunks or over large space, but it is almost always all at once with this type of hair loss. Stress is one of several different factors that can contribute to this type of hair loss, however research is still being done in the area of this condition by hair loss clinics.

Type #3 – Trichotillomania
Unlike the other conditions that we have covered in this article on stress, women and hair loss, trichotillomania is very different in that it involves the person actually pulling out their own hair rather than the hair falling out by itself. The hair pulling happens as a means of coping with stress and anxiety, depression or boredom, loneliness, loss and a myriad of other emotional and very real stressful situations. Hair can be pulled from the person’s head, arms, eyebrows and other areas of the family.

Getting Treatment at Hair Loss Clinics
We have all heard the story about so-and-so who spent hundreds of dollars on cures to stop hair loss in New Bedford, only for the “cure” to not do anything to make a difference. People read about name brand treatments, over-the-counter solutions or even work with physicians to deal with hair loss solutions for women, but the truth is that nothing can be done until a proper diagnosis is made. South Coast Hair Options provides clients with a free consultation that helps to identify the cause behind women and hair loss to ensure that the treatments provided will be as beneficial as possible. Some treatments may take more time than others to make a difference, while other conditions may not be able to be treated effectively enough to see a marked hair growth – even over time.

Virtuesse is a type of hair loss treatment available at South Coast Hair Options. It is an instant solution for women and hair loss that can be added gradually for a natural effect or all at once for an immediate cure. Speak with your technician when you visit your local hair loss clinics to find out what type of hair loss solutions for women are right for you and your emotional or physical stress related hair loss condition. Whatever you do, don’t ignore hair loss. Sometimes a medical condition that has yet to be diagnosed could be responsible for hair loss, including auto-immune diseases, hypothyroidism, lupus and more.

Contact South Coast Hair Options today at 508-995-7085 to set up an appointment for a consultation to make a diagnosis of your condition and stop hair loss in New Bedford. We have a wide variety of hair loss solutions for women and men that can help you regain your confidence and start feeling like yourself again!