Southeastern Massachusetts Hair Loss Services for Women

massachusetts services for women and hair lossWinters in Fall River, Massachusetts can be hard on your skin and hair. The best way to avoid painful and dry skin is to keep your skin moist. But a simple conditioning treatment won’t fix hair problems in the winter. Many women notice that they lose a lot more hair in the shower, on their brushes, and on their pillows during the summer than they do the rest of the year. The good news is that for a lot of people, this is just part of their hair’s natural life cycle and the change of season as a whole. In cities near Boston like New Bedford and Fall River, people who lose a lot of hair in the winter can get help to grow it back. People in Boston have less hair than you might think. Your scalp loses all of its natural moisture in the dry winter air, making it dry, itchy, and more likely to break or fall out. So, what can you do about dry skin in the winter, hair loss in women, or both? South Coast Hair Options has a large number of Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) that are made to fit the needs of each person.

Best Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Skin and hair get dry in the winter for a few different reasons. Even though the air is already much drier than it is in the summer, the use of fireplaces and heaters to keep homes, offices, and businesses warm makes it even drier. This is why we give all of our clients who want to know more about treatments for women and hair loss a full scalp and hair evaluation. A dry scalp can cause hair to break and fall out more, and it can also make the scalp itchy and irritated, which is not only bad for your health but could lead to dandruff. Heat styling and hair products can make your hair and scalp even drier, which can make your hair thin even more in Boston and the surrounding area. Women who already have thin hair will have an even harder time because the products that make it look fuller and more shiny can also make it dry.

In the Greater Boston area, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can help you stop hair loss and help your hair grow back. Whether that means treating the scalp and hair every few months or doing something more intense, like our Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) program. We can help you with all of your hair problems by giving you advice, such as how to shampoo and condition your hair or how to replace it with our Virtuesse hair solutions. Some women may benefit from basic support like hair masks, conditioning treatments, oil scalp massages, and other products. However, there could be other problems going on under the surface that are causing their hair to thin or fall out. When you go to South Coast Hair Options in the Greater Boston area, we can help you get the best results and reach all of your hair dreams and goals.

Fall River Laser Hair Therapy

Many of the products and treatments on the market today are made just for men who have male pattern baldness or are losing their hair. We make sure that every treatment we give to a client is just right for them and fits their needs. We know that women have different problems with hair loss than men do, so we offer different services to meet their needs. Even hair that is getting thin, old, or brittle can be treated and brought back to life so that you can have the look, feel, and healthy head of hair you’ve always wanted. Our technicians can make a custom treatment for any kind of hair loss or thinning hair out of the many options they have. Our first scalp exam helps us figure out what’s going on, which could be due to genes, biology, nutrition, the environment, or a mix of these things.

So, if you want to keep the hair you have, stop hair loss early on, or just find a way to deal with the fact that you lose more hair in the winter, South Coast Hair Options can help you reach your goals. We can help people whose hair is thin and fragile, as well as people whose hair has been damaged and lost over many years. Contact our team today to schedule an evaluation or find out more about our Corrective Hair Solutions for people in the Greater Boston area who want to grow their hair back. You can call or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with our team.