Replacement Solutions: Virtuesse Hair Replacement in New Bedford

replacement solutions for hair loss in New BedfordHair thinning and loss affects a larger percentage of women than you may assume. Therefore, there are several solutions to restore or replace lost hair. If you can’t grow your hair back for any reason (medical or otherwise), you might want to think about trying Virtuesse. Hair extensions and other hair treatments for women can help with some forms of hair loss in women.

Finding a hair expert who has dealt with female hair loss before is crucial. The clinic should perform a thorough examination of your scalp before suggesting any treatments or remedies. You may quickly start to feel like yourself again with the aid of laser hair therapy, replacement solutions, or a mix of the two in Fall River. The ladies of Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island have access to South Coast Hair Options and the services they offer.

Virtuesse Hair Replacement System

Developed to aid women in their pursuit of beauty, Virtuesse is a no-hassle, non-surgical miracle that can be applied in minutes. When consumers are interested in learning more about the Virtuesse hair replacement system, we provide a free, $250 hair and scalp assessment. South Coast Hair Options is accredited to give an accurate evaluation of your Annual Rate of Hair Loss (ARHL). With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be more equipped to make decisions that serve your immediate and long-term interests.

You can’t compare Virtuesse to regular clip-in hair extensions. Excellent options for ladies with hair loss can be applied by a professional hair specialist. Celebrities, pageant winners, and everyday ladies all use Virtuesse because of its many advantages. There are three application techniques, UltraTress II, UltraStrands, and UltraLinks. If you’re experiencing hair loss, wish to thicken your existing hair, add length, or experiment with a new style, Virtuesse can help.

Virtuesse hair extensions, which are made entirely of real hair, are designed to lengthen, thicken, and add volume to your existing hair. Unlike traditional hair extensions, the UltraTress II pre-bonded extensions may be applied to otherwise inaccessible regions. This might be the best option for you if you’re experiencing hair thinning or loss at the temples or in the central part of your head. Pick from a palette of 30 gorgeous shades to complement your natural coloring, draw attention where you want it, or reinvent your style entirely. Inquire about our unimaginable $390 starter kit today!

Laser Hair Therapy and Other Treatments

There may be further choices for treating your hair loss, depending on the cause. While some clients prefer to take a more gradual approach by using various hair loss remedies for ladies, some of our clientele enjoy the quick gratification that comes with Virtuesse hair replacement. One of the most often used procedures for residents in Fall River is laser hair therapy. Our hair experts have clients travel from all across Southern New England for their services. Painless and chemical-free, low-level laser treatment (LLLT) has been shown to promote hair growth in both men and women.

Since they do not cause tissue damage like “hot” lasers do, low level lasers are sometimes referred to as “soft” or “cold” lasers. Our Fall River laser hair therapy services utilize the well-established medical practice of photo-biotherapy. The laser light enters the cells and activates their metabolism. It has been shown to stimulate the recovery of injured cells. For light to be effective, both the intensity and wavelength must be just right. Because of this, the laser gadgets sold in TV infomercials are useless.

Replacement Solutions for Hair Loss

If you live in the Greater Fall River and New Bedford region and have tried over-the-counter remedies or visited hair loss clinics without success, South Coast Hair Options may be worth a look. If you’re a woman experiencing hair loss, our team of expert professionals is here to assist. Our Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) program, or the alternative treatment Virtuesse, can be used to regenerate hair, depending on the underlying reason of hair loss.

There is nothing else on the market quite like the Virtuesse hair restoration system. Customers who suffer from female pattern baldness or another form of hair loss may find it very useful. Get in touch with us at 508-995-7085 right now to talk with a professional. If you’re experiencing hair loss and would want to learn more about your options or book a FREE consultation, please contact us now.