Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

Fotolia_60313875_XS There are many possible causes to hair loss, including thyroid problems, genetics, medications, cancer treatments, skin conditions, and various health problems. For many people, hair loss results in damage to self-esteem and this can cause depression and other emotional problems.

So why is hair loss so devastating?

Many physicians say that the devastation related to hair loss is cultural since almost every society in the world associates hair with beauty, youth, and good health. For centuries, humans have beautified themselves in some way with the hairstyle being one of those ways. For many people, their hair makes them feel beautiful. When they lose their hair, for one reason or another, it can be devastating.

Female Pattern baldness

When hair loss occurs, especially in women, they seek out the best hair loss treatment. Women associate their hair with beauty, sensuality, and sexuality. When a woman loses her hair or finds that it is thinning, she feels that she is no longer attractive. Hair is also a part of the male psyche. To them, their hair is a representation of their virility and, just like women, they can experience conditions that cause hair loss, thinning hair, or a bald spot. They feel they are not as manly without their hair, in some cases.

Hair is also associated with power. Samson told Delilah that he would lose his strength if he lost his hair. The main key to dealing with hair loss is simply having the right attitude. It is difficult to tell yourself that you are more than your hair, but it can make a difference in how you feel.

Coping with Hair Loss

There are effective ways to cope with hair loss. These ways include:

  • Reminding yourself that losing your hair is not endangering your life. It isn’t pleasant, but some do find that they can live with thinning hair. Others look for hair loss treatments that work.
  • Putting things into perspective is another way, such as your friends and family still liking you for you and not the hair on your head.
    •    Working with beauty professionals that can help. While beauty professionals can’t address hair loss causes, they can style hair in a way that enables it to look its best.
  • Talk therapy has helped some deal with the emotional impact of their hair loss. This can help those suffering from hair loss understand what is happening and have a better attitude about it. Individuals may even find that it is best for them to move forward and explore the best hair loss treatment for them. There are treatments available so that the emotional impact of hair loss can be lessened.
  • In some cases hair may grow back and it is important to realize this. For instance, those undergoing chemotherapy will most likely get their hair back. There are also other hair loss causes that are temporary.
  • Look to the future because there are hair loss treatments that work being developed all of the time. If you have tried a treatment and it hasn’t worked, you shouldn’t fret because pharmaceutical companies are exploring treatments that will fight hair loss. As more is understood about hair loss and the conditions that cause it, more progress is being made in this area.

Although hair loss or thinning hair can be devastating, you can take steps to put the issue into perspective. This will allow you to make clear-headed decisions about what steps you should take next. Tell yourself that losing your hair won’t ruin your life and focus your attention on other ways to enhance your appearance.

Hair Loss Treatments that Work

In New Bedford and Fall River, there are many individuals suffering from hair loss, so they seek out the best hair loss treatment for them. This means having the cause evaluated so that the best solution can be found. There are different types of treatment, such as painless laser hair therapy or hair extensions. Many of these solutions are so fine-tuned that only the person receiving treatment or extensions is aware of how they are battling thinning hair or baldness. No one needs to be the wiser, which is why hair loss treatments that work are becoming so popular among those suffering from hair loss. The end result is more confidence to go about everyday life.


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