Proven Hair Treatments for Men in the Greater Fall River Area

proven hair loss treatments for men in greater boston areaHave you had enough of seeing more of your scalp than hair when you look in the mirror? Have you seen a receding hairline developing over the past few months or years? Do you long to revert to your appearance from a short time ago? There are options and therapies at South Coast Hair Options that can help you reverse the effects of male pattern baldness and regain your confidence. Our one-on-one approach to each client sets us apart from other hair loss clinics in the Greater Boston area. If you’re experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, we’ll conduct a free evaluation of your scalp to determine the underlying causes before recommending a course of treatment. Although it’s common to blame the male-pattern baldness gene, it’s important to consider all possible contributing factors before deciding on a course of treatment.

Proven Hair Loss Treatment in Fall River

Not only is it frustrating to throw away money on ineffective treatments and products, but it’s also disheartening to think about all the time you could have saved by focusing instead on preventing further hair loss. As part of our Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) service, our Boston hair loss clinics offer a variety of treatments, one of the most well-known being the New Bedford LLLT or low-level laser therapy. We also offer a custom hair replacement product called Virtual Reality that is nearly undetectable and needs hardly any upkeep. In the United States alone, male pattern baldness affects more than 45 million men. Male pattern baldness can have a variety of causes, including genetics, aging, alopecia, poor nutrition, protein deficiency, chemotherapy, and other medical issues.

Fortunately, medical research and creative expression have both advanced to the point where they can now address the symptoms of male-pattern baldness. Affordable, risk-free, all-natural, and won’t interfere with your active lifestyle, these are the options we offer at South Coast Hair Options. Our custom-tailored Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) program targets both male and female pattern baldness by catering to each patient’s specific requirements. In order to restore each client’s confidence in their own appearance, we craft individualized plans of action. No matter the cause of your hair loss—genetic, environmental, nutritional, or medical—we have a solution. We want to help you maintain your current hairstyle while giving you tools to regrow or restore lost hair. Don’t put off scheduling your FREE consultation with South Coast Hair Options another day.

Symptoms of Male Pattern Baldness

There are a few telltale signs that make it easy to spot even the earliest stages of alopecia in men, including hair loss or thinning. Male pattern baldness typically manifests itself in a few telltale ways: a gradually receding hairline, thinning at the crown, and the classic horseshoe shape on top. Many men’s hair begins to thin and fall out at this age; other factors may be at play, but this is typically how male pattern baldness begins. Since women experience hair loss most commonly at the part and the back of the crown, it follows that the treatment for this condition in men and women must also vary. When you come to South Coast Hair Options, we’ll tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. We won’t try to sell you a magic bullet or a product you don’t need because we know there isn’t a universal solution to hair loss.

Visit us in New Bedford to see how we stand out from other hair loss clinics in the Greater Boston area. If you’re self-conscious about male pattern baldness, our helpful and knowledgeable staff can give you the confidence boost you need to achieve your desired appearance. New Bedford LLLT – low-level laser therapy, Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS), Virtual Reality hair restoration, and other tried-and-true methods can help you feel like yourself again whether you were born with the male pattern baldness gene or are dealing with some other form of hair loss. Schedule an appointment with our staff right away by calling 508-995-7085.