NOT Just for Men: Hair Loss Treatment in Fall River for Women

Treatment for Hair Loss in WomenFor many years, doctors considered hair loss to be a problem faced strictly by male patients. Whenever women experienced hair loss, it was considered to be a rare occasion and written off as being caused by old age, stress or other non-medical conditions that could elicit a cure. However, much has changed in recent years and the causes of hair loss in women have been identified to make it possible in South Coast to regrow hair in women clients just as well as for men. Hair loss treatment in Fall River and the surrounding region can help women to feel like themselves again, providing them with the confidence they need to be successful.

Similar to the treatment offered to men, there are different approaches to hair loss in women. For example, one of the most popular cures for women sufferers is a Southeastern Massachusetts laser hair therapy, which is also known as LLLT or low level laser therapy. In some cases, a temporary or semi-permanent solution known as Virtuesse hair loss replacement can also be used, either as a quick fix during other treatments or to replace hair when other treatments are not available or viable due to a client’s condition or lifestyle. There are just as many ways in South Coast to regrow hair in women as there are causes of hair loss in our female clients.

Female Pattern Baldness
Also known as androgenetic alopecia, female pattern baldness features thinning on all areas of the scalp, not just in the semi-circle pattern that most men experience. It can be caused by a number of other medical conditions, including heredity, birth control pills, menopause, pregnancy, ovarian cysts and other situations where the actions of hormones could come into play. The results are similar to the male version of androgenetic alopecia, in that the presence of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes the hair follicles to shrink, making hair become thinner and eventually fall out completely. Southeastern Massachusetts laser hair therapy can be helpful in the South Coast to regrow hair in women that suffer from this type of hair loss.

Traumatic Hair Loss
Another common cause of hair loss in women that can benefit from hair loss treatment in Fall River is telogen effluvium or traumatic hair loss. Typical situations that fall under this category include giving birth to a child, extreme stress, major surgeries, severe infections and malnutrition. In some cases, treatment is provided in addition to Virtuesse hair loss replacement options to provide the client with immediate results. The traumatic situation can cause up to 90 percent of the hair that is in the growth or resting phases to shift instantly into the shedding or telogen phase. Approximately six weeks to three months following the stressful event is when the hair loss begins. If the condition is extreme, full handfuls of hair can fall out at one time, however in most cases small clumps can fall out in the shower or hairbrush as the condition worsens.

Metabolic Hair Loss
Also known as anagen effluvium, this type of hair loss occurs most commonly following mitotic or metabolic activity, such as chemotherapy. As a treatment for cancer, chemotherapy targets the body’s cancer cells, but other cells that divide rapidly, such as hair follicles in the growth phase, can also be affected. As many as 90 percent of a woman’s hair can fall out while still in the growth phase after undergoing metabolic hair loss. The most effective hair loss treatment in Fall River for women who experience metabolic hair loss is our Virtuesse hair loss replacement. Virtuesse is a high fashion non surgical wonder that is totally natural looking reasonably priced, quick and easy. In fact, we offer a FREE $250 value evaluation to help you determine if Virtuesse is right for you.

Styling Hair Loss
Another condition that isn’t discussed very often is caused directly by the styling used by women to arrange their hair on a daily basis. Localized trauma occurs to the hair follicles affected by tight hairstyles over time. In many situations, it is possible in the South Coast to regrow hair in women, especially if it is detected early enough. Some examples of tight hairstyles include braiding, tight pony tails, cornrows, high buns for food or medical service industries, or even hair extensions. If the hair loss is minimal, Southeastern Massachusetts laser hair therapy can be beneficial, as can other types of hair loss treatment in Fall River. However, if the loss is extensive enough, Virtuesse hair loss replacement might be the best option.

Corrective Hair Solutions to the Rescue!
When you visit South Coast Hair Options, the first thing we will do is perform a complete consultation and evaluation of your scalp to determine your unique type of hair loss before suggesting a solution. Southeastern Massachusetts laser hair therapy, prescription shampoos and other therapies may be used alone or in combination with other treatments like Virtuesse hair loss replacement, depending on your condition, your needs, and your budget. It is important to get a hair loss solution that is designed specifically for your unique hair loss condition. That is why we count on Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) at South Coast Hair Options, to provide you with a comprehensive, well-rounded approach to hair loss. Give us a call at 508-995-7085 to learn more about hair loss in women or to schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation.