LLLT in New Bedford for Men and Women with Hair Loss Treatment

low level laser hair therapyOver time, low level laser hair therapy, or LLLT, has proven to be a successful treatment for hair loss. To those who doubt its efficacy, there is a straightforward response, which includes direct evidence spanning back to 1967 that supports the notion that it does indeed function. When the lasers were being tested on mice, this data was first being collected. Like most new treatments, lab rats and mice were used in the first phase of testing. The mice were shaved and then divided into groups; some received the laser treatments, while the others did not.

The results were conclusive and proved the theory about low level laser hair therapy. Compared to the mice who did not get laser treatment, those that did have laser treatment had a significantly quicker regrowth of hair in the shaven region. Since then, LLLT has been the subject of countless clinical research conducted throughout the years, and those studies that have received FDA approval have shown that the treatment functions remarkably effectively.

How Does Low Level Laser Hair Therapy Work?

We answer this question at our clinic by providing treatment for new patients in New Bedford and Fall River. People who are seeking for LLLT in New Bedford want to know how it operates, but understanding it is a prerequisite. The procedure originated in the countries of Central Europe. It is a non-surgical procedure that promotes hair growth by using infrared light therapy. The scalp is exposed to the light. This kind of laser treatment employs a “soft” or “cold” laser, which implies there is no heat component, in contrast to other laser treatment kinds used in the medical field. When exposed to this light for a predetermined period of time, it has an impact on the body at a particular wavelength.

There is no discomfort since there is no temperature component. There should be no discomfort felt by the patients at all. Additionally, there is no UV radiation, so it is safe to use on a regular basis. Patients can resume their usual activities following therapy. The good news is that it just takes 30 minutes on average out of your day to receive therapy. You’re seated beneath a light-emitting apparatus. You may read a book, play games on your phone, or just close your eyes and unwind while getting treatment.

Understanding LLLT in New Bedford

There is not much to understand in the the way that LLLT operates – it is a very straightforward process. The scalp receives direct application of the light radiation. The energy that is released encourages the metabolism of cells. Cellular metabolism increases blood flow to the scalp, which may be related to hair development in the first place. The oxygen supply to the hair follicles increases in tandem with an increase in blood circulation. Hairs go from the resting to the growing phases as a result, increasing hair growth for the individual.

The molecules in the target tissue absorb the laser light. The molecules react to this by raising their energy level and expelling the extra energy. This leads to alterations, which can be chemical or physical and impact the target tissues as well as the tissues around the target location biologically. But why isn’t the sun acting in this way? Remember that the applied laser light is not ultraviolet light. There are UV rays in the sun. The laser gadget emits non-thermal light, which is far safer. After treatment, healthier, higher-quality hair is the outcome. The arousal of dormant hairs also results in an increase in the volume of the hair. Numerous people report having softer, fuller, and easier-to-manage hair.

Men and Women with Hair Loss

Men and women with hair loss are the target audience for low level laser hair therapy. This indicates that LLLT can be advantageous for a large number of individuals in Fall River and New Bedford. While laser therapy has been proven to support treatment for a wide range of hair loss types and situations, it is essential to understand the kind of hair loss you have before moving forward. At South Coast Hair Options, we provide each new client with a free scalp evalutation so we can tailor your treatments based on your unique needs.

You stand to gain the most benefits if you are experiencing the early stages of hair loss. It makes no difference what color your hair is or if you are a man or a woman. It’s also possible that you’ve already undergone surgical hair restoration and are trying to speed up the healing process. LLLT can speed up the development of freshly transplanted hair and help the healing process following surgery. Searching for a reputable hair loss product that has a track record of giving customers results? Give South Coast Hair Options a call at 508-995-7085 right now, or send us an email, and a representative will get in touch with you. to schedule an appointment.