Laser Hair Therapy Myths Debunked

Man showing hair loss resultsMany individuals throughout New Bedford and Fall River have benefitted from Laser Hair Therapy, but there are some that are hesitant at giving the therapy a try in order to rectify their hair loss. The reason why they are so hesitant is because they have heard some of the myths and accepted them of fact.

The following are some of the myths, why they are myths, and the facts that debunk them.

Myth 1: People with Brown Hair can’t Benefit from Laser Hair Therapy

This is something that our New Bedford hair loss clinic has heard again and again and it is completely false. It has been found that the root of this issue begins with an original study that was done many years ago regarding the effectiveness of Laser Hair Therapy. This original study was conducted by Hairmax and there were not enough dark skinned patients in the results, so they limited the approved results to specific skin types.

This doesn’t mean that Laser Hair Therapy is not effective for brunettes experiencing hair loss. All this means is that there is not anything from the Hairmax study that indicates it is effective for brunettes.

Further research, however, has shown that Laser Hair Therapy has seen its fair share of success stories and testimonials. Plus, companies that offer Laser Hair Therapy tend to have an even number of blonde and brunette people when displaying their results.

The technology is a new one, which means Laser Hair Therapy in Fall River and New Bedford is something that is relatively new. Nonetheless, there are many studies that are currently being performed so that the certainty regarding effectiveness can be there. In the meantime, there is a lot of documentation and photos that show how successful Laser Hair Therapy has been.

Myth 2: Laser Hair Therapy is a Miracle Cure for Hair Loss

This is another myth that has been circulated for quite some time because Laser Hair therapy really isn’t a miracle cure for hair loss. Anyone who makes that promise should be looked at extremely close. It is true that Laser Hair Therapy can produce fantastic results, but it is also true that it doesn’t work for everyone. This is why it is very important to consult with an ethical and professional hair loss expert before spending money on the treatments.

It should also be noted that you will not grow your hair back if you are completely bald. There have been some doctors and even some websites that have told people otherwise, but this does the Laser Hair Therapy industry a great disservice because that is not managing expectations well. This is the exact reason why there are some negative reviews about Laser Hair Therapy.

All in all, Laser Hair Therapy is not for every person, but it is highly effective in treating thin, fine hair in both men and women. Our Hair Laser Therapy in New Bedford has been highly effective in treating those with thinning hair.

Myth 3: Laser Hair Therapy Hurts

This is one of the most common myths that our New Bedford hair loss clinic hears and probably one that is further from the truth than most myths. Low Level Laser Light emits such a low amount of power from each diode that it is painless. The amount of power that is emitted is about the same as a laser pointer. The traditional light bulb emits more power than the diodes in our lasers.

There are more powerful lasers that use high power light beams in the medical community, but the lasers used in Low Level Laser Light Therapy are nowhere near that abrasive. Low Level Laser Light Therapy is usually described as “cold laser” and that is considered a healing type of light. Any warmth that a patient feels is usually the result of blood flow and cellular activity.

As for where the myth has come from, it is due to the belief of humans that lasers generate heat and that heat invokes pain through burns. There have been many studies performed and none of them have shown evidence that Low Level Laser Light Therapy causes burning. The light is absorbed by the hair and skin.


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