Laser Hair Therapy: Get It at the New Bedford Hair Loss Clinic

laser-treatmentsIt pays to be cautious when seeking out hair loss treatments that work. The experts at South Coast Hair Options in New Bedford, Massachusetts consult with each client on an individual basis. They know that the underlying conditions and hair loss causes that each person has is what will determine whether or not the various types of treatments will work.

One treatment that has revolutionized the hair loss industry is laser hair therapy. It is important to seek out this treatment from licensed and experienced technicians to ensure the best possible results. Consumer products that utilize laser light may claim to re-grow hair, but the truth is that only commercial medical grade laser hair therapy solutions have been proven to work.

What Is Laser Hair Therapy?

The basic principle behind Low Level Laser Therapy, or LLLT as it is known in the industry, involves the use of a low reactive or soft laser. LLLT is based upon the science of photo biotherapy, which occurs when laser light is absorbed by the cells to stimulate cell metabolism. This process causes damaged cells to repair themselves. this can only happen if the correct amount of light energy is delivered at the appropriate wavelength. Currently, laser hair therapy has been shown to be a successful treatment for some hair loss causes, such as telogen effluvium.

Unlike other lasers that are used to burn, vaporize or cut tissue in surgical applications, the lasers used for laser hair therapy are considered “cold” because they do not have the thermal component available to achieve those types of results. Because there is such a balance between the amount of light energy that is used and the wavelength that is used to deliver it, laser hair therapy should only be used in a New Bedford hair loss clinic setting. Any other “seen on TV” type of product that claims to use laser hair therapy as the basis for hair loss treatments that work should not be trusted.

Does This Treatment Really Work?

Studies support the results that technicians have been seeing in hair loss clinics around the world and have proven that laser hair therapy can stimulate natural hair growth. It is important to note that like other types of hair loss treatments, the hair loss causes behind the need for treatment must first be diagnosed to rule out any conditions that might prevent the laser hair therapy from working. Not only will this approach increase your odds of finding hair loss treatments that work for you, but it will prevent you from wasting time and money on treatments that won’t.

Laser hair therapy is a viable option for women. Because it has been proven to be effective as a treatment for hair loss causes such as telogen effluvium, which is caused by hormonal or stress shifts in a person’s body, women are more likely to suffer from this condition at various times in their lives. Pregnancy, menopause, menstrual cycles and through the use of hormonally-based birth control, all of these can be hair loss causes that could be reversed and treated effectively by laser hair therapy.

Advantages of Laser Hair Therapy

If you are deemed to be a candidate for laser hair therapy at your New Bedford hair loss clinic, you should know that there are many advantages associated with using this type of treatment. For people who have hair loss causes that fall in the realm of laser treatment as a possible solution, it’s nice to know that laser hair therapy is convenient, painless and more affordable than many other options.

At South Coast Hair Options, we use the Laser Hair Therapy 5000 device. It has 51 diode lasers that are mounted in a half sphere to more effectively deliver the laser energy to the scalp tissue. The photons or laser energy that comes from the device penetrate deep into the tissues and are then absorbed by deeper cell tissues to result in a chain of photo biochemical events at the cellular and sub-cellular levels. This treatment has been proven to be effective in patients with corresponding hair loss causes and has shown a dramatic increase in the micro-circulation of blood supplies while stopping hair loss and stimulating the re-growth of hair.

To find out more about laser hair therapy and other hair loss treatments that work, contact South Coast Hair Options at 508-995-7085. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can help you find the best solutions that are right for you based upon the hair loss causes that have caused you trouble now and in the past. Call us today and get started on a treatment that will help you look and feel more like yourself again!