In the News: Laser Hair Therapy does Help Hair Loss

Hair in hairbrushLow-level light is the technology behind what makes laser hair therapy effective. This is important since hair is our crowning glory. For 80 million men and women, that crowning glory is something that causes them a sinking feeling when they see it falling away in the shower or getting caught up in their hairbrush.

However, a new FDA approved hair loss treatment is making the news because it has proven to stop hair loss in its tracks and promote the growth of new hair.

This is great news for the hair loss therapy industry.

What has happened is that the FDA has recognized the effectiveness of low-level light therapy by approving a new device that uses the technology to aid in the regrowth of hair.

This is good news, especially to those who have doubted the effectiveness of low-level light as an effective means to combat hair loss. Hair loss clinics in Fall River and New Bedford find this as good news, especially those that have offered the therapy and have had patient results to show the effectiveness of it.

The best candidate for this type of therapy is someone who experienced the beginning of their hair loss within the last six to eight years. In these individuals, hair loss is stopped in approximately 90 percent of the cases and 80 percent of them can grow new hair.

The question is: could this be the end of baldness?

It is very possible. While it cannot eradicate baldness due to hair loss being caused by so many different reasons, it can remedy the problem in most cases.

Here is how it works:

The low-level laser light, which is a cool laser light, stimulates blood flow in the scalp. Blood flow is very important to hair growth. Many times, there is debris in the scalp that prevents the growth of hair. This debris can be dihydrotestosterone (DHT), testosterone, and other hormones. These hormones are dissplved and that opens up the follicle so that the hair can grow.

Basically, the hair wants to grow, but there is something in the way that is causing it to not happen. By eliminating the obstacle, the hair can break through the follicle like it is supposed to and a person can once again have the hair that they were proud of.

Clients start noticing a change in the texture of their hair and that less is ending up in their hair brush in approximately 90 days.

Nonetheless, it is very important to understand that there are some conditions that may make hair growth impossible until the underlying condition is addressed. This is why consultations are very important before engaging in laser hair therapy.

Through a consultation, it can be determined if the cause is one that can be treated through low-level laser light. If it is, then a treatment plan can be established and the therapy move forward. While the treatment was already effective, it being classified as an FDA approved hair loss treatment is a great victory in the hair loss treatment industry.

Many patients that opt for laser hair therapy say that they noticed right off the bat that their hair loss doesn’t get worse, so they hope in the future they will get new growth if they haven’t seen any yet. Early on, many clients see the new growth under the microscope before it is very obvious to the naked eye. This gives hope that they are going to have the hair that they are missing.

In addition to the fact that it is effective, it is also painless with no side effects. There are and have been medical treatments out there that have caused individuals to experience unpleasant side effects and it is these side effects that cause them to give up on rectifying their hair loss issue.

But something that is really great about this technology is the ability to look at someone who is beginning to lose their hair and saying to them that they don’t need to worry. The doors of hair loss clinics offering laser hair therapy are open, so all these individuals have to do is come on in and stop their hair loss to then possibly see new growth to replace the hair that has been lost up until this point.


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