How to Treat Hair Loss in Women at Boston Hair Loss Clinics

Boston Hair Loss Clinics for WomenEach female client who seeks hair loss treatments is an individual. There is no over-the-counter remedy or as-seen-on-TV solution that will work for each client. When you come to our Greater Boston hair loss clinics, you will see that we know how to treat hair loss in women. We begin each new client relationship by performing a FREE scalp evaluation to diagnose the specific cause of hair loss. This helps us to provide the best options for women and hair loss based on your unique needs, lifestyle requirements, and budget.

Our Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) approach is different from anything you have ever seen before. It is simple, straight-forward, and provides a tailored solution for each client. What works for one client might not work for the next. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced to find the best solutions to meet the needs of each individual client. Whether your hair loss is hereditary, such as alopecia, or if you have suffered from hair loss due to a medical condition or treatment, we can help you find a solution that will deliver results.

State of the Art Solutions

There are many reasons why our clients have chosen to come to our Greater Boston hair loss clinics. We are different from other hair loss treatments due to our state of the art treatment program known as Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS). It is not a one-size-fits-all solution that is provided to each client who comes in the door, but a revolutionary approach to women and hair loss that treats each person’s individual needs. In some cases, a single treatment is needed, while in others, multiple options may be used. Whether your hair loss is hereditary, stress-related, or due to a medical condition, our technicians can provide you with options that are guaranteed to work.

When you come to South Coast Hair Options, you will see right away that we know how to treat hair loss in women. Some clinics specialize in male pattern baldness and have a reputation for only treating male clients. Our technicians are trained to work with all types of clients and provide solutions based on their unique needs, both male and female. The hormones that are responsible for many types of alopecia need to be explicitly addressed, based on the client’s situation, the cause of hair loss, lifestyle requirements, and budget. We take into account your age, the rate of hair loss and even your natural hair’s growth patterns and texture. Each treatment we provide is totally customized to meet your specific needs to help you look like yourself again as quickly as possible.

Genetic & Non-Genetic Hair Loss

There are two primary reasons why women experience hair loss. The hair loss treatments that are used need to be designed specifically for each type of thinning hair or hair loss. Female pattern baldness is a hereditary type of hair loss and is much different from male pattern baldness, while still known as androgenetic alopecia in the medical industry regardless of the gender. However, the treatments provided for men and women can be drastically different, depending on your unique situation.

Non-genetic hair loss falls under the category of telogen effluvium treatments, which are for people who suffer from thinning hair or hair loss due to a variety of factors. Those factors can include emotional disorders, medical conditions, certain medications or other medical treatments, malnourishment, and even stress. Hair extensions and our Virtuesse treatments can be used for those who want to enhance the look of thinning hair or get instant results for hair loss due to other causes. In addition, we offer custom hair loss treatments that can include chemical treatments and shampoos, as well as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) at our Boston hair loss clinics.

Corrective Hair Solutions

If you have tried other types of hair loss treatments, whether over the counter or at other hair loss clinics, you will notice the Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) difference right away. CHS is affordable, safe and natural, and won’t restrict your active lifestyle. Our CHS treatments are designed specifically for women and are tailored to your individual needs. Customized to work with your existing hair to solve ALL of your hair loss problems, South Coast Hair Options will help you to look your best, providing you with natural-looking solutions and care.

Used by actresses, celebrities, beauty queens, and models, as well as ordinary everyday women, CHS was developed to provide individualized attention to the different types of hair loss conditions that women experience. Female pattern baldness and other types of alopecia won’t usually have anything to do with the environment, stress levels, or your diet. Over-shampooing, over-brushing, hair color, straightening, and even sun exposure won’t cause female pattern baldness. In most cases, you need to know how to treat hair loss in women as a genetically inherited condition, which may require one or more treatment options.

To schedule a FREE consultation or learn more about our hair loss treatments at South Coast Hair Options, give us a call at 508-995-7085. Our technicians can answer any questions that you might have about our Greater Boston hair loss clinics in New Bedford, Massachusetts or help you set up an appointment to get started. The time to deal with women and hair loss is NOW. Don’t wait another day to take the steps necessary to help you start feeling like yourself again.