How to Stop Hair Loss in New Bedford With Laser Hair Therapy

laser-light-therapyWhile there are many different reasons why people begin to lose their hair, it is possible to get help at hair loss clinics that work to identify the cause and work to find a solution that will be a remedy for hair loss based upon your unique needs. New Bedford laser hair therapy through South Coast Hair Solutions is a proven remedy for many of our clients. Low level laser light therapy, or LLLT as it is known in the industry, has become a very revolutionary, life-changing, non-surgical breakthrough for many men and women who have suffered from hair loss. Bringing this treatment to South Coast Hair Solutions has made it possible for our trained technicians to help our clients restore their own naturally growing hair and stop hair loss in New Bedford and beyond.

Achieve Your Hair Goals With LLLT
Now it is possible for you to achieve your hair goals and get back to feeling like yourself again. You can have thicker, shinier, fuller and even more healthy looking hair than you have had in a long time with low level laser hair therapy. The treatment offered through our New Bedford laser hair therapy program utilizes these “soft” or “cold” lasers to stimulate hair growth by delivering light energy directly to the scalp. Unlike “hot” lasers, which are used to burn, cut or vaporize in medical surgery and in other applications, these soft lasers are completely safe and painless.

LLLT was first developed in Europe and has since been used to improve hair shaft quality and volume while helping to improve the life of even hair color and perms. Even if you don’t need a remedy for hair loss, it is possible to see noticeable results for all hair types through better color, texture and volume with this unique laser hair therapy at our local hair loss clinic. In fact, studies have shown that our New Bedford laser hair therapy will increase blood supply to the scalp by 50 percent or more after just one treatment.

How It Works to Stop Hair Loss in New Bedford
When the LLLT increases the blood supply to the scalp, this stimulates the hair follicles. As a result, our clients experience increase hair strength and elasticity for shinier, softer, thicker and fuller looking hair after just a few treatments. New Bedford laser hair therapy has been proven to be a viable remedy for hair loss and can stop the progression of hair loss in over 80 percent of all patients, especially those who have been properly screened to identify the cause of their hair loss in the first place. Even those who opt for transplant surgeries have seen improvements made in the healing process to help transplanted hair to thrive and grow even faster.

Other benefits of low level laser therapy include the repair of damages done by chemical services, such as hair color, straightening or permanents. The light energy is delivered from different positions to ensure the appropriate dosage for each client. LLLT is also used in other medical applications, including healing for specific physiological injuries, back pain, knee pain, arthritis and even as a treatment for dystrophic sores for diabetic patients. Through increased use and awareness, LLLT has become a very popular remedy for hair loss and hair loss clinics around the globe.

What Is Low Level Laser Light?
To understand how laser hair therapy works to stop hair loss in New Bedford and the entire region at South Coast Hair Options, it is important to learn more about what it is and what it does. Low level laser light is a compressed light that is made up of a wavelength from the cold or red part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Unlike natural light, which encompasses many different colors, this light is one precise color. It travels in a straight line via a single wavelength and focuses the beam of light on a specific location or spot. The three major benefits of LLLT as used in New Bedford laser hair therapy is that it energizes, circulates and vibrates.

The energizing part of the treatment is that it transforms laser energy into cellular energy to help cells take in nutrients faster and get rid of waste. This is very important to help in healing and the production of new tissue. By increasing blood and lymph circulation, LLLT is able to boost circulation and oxygenation of the blood to the scalp and to the individual hair bulbs. This can help to break down any calcification or blockages to regenerate activity around the hair bulb, reducing oily or dry scalp conditions, as well as dandruff and itchiness. Vibration brings all of your cells into harmony, as our bodies natural vibrate in a frequency that is very similar to the cold red light laser.

Stop Hair Loss at South Coast Hair Options
Whether you have tried other hair loss clinics in search of a remedy for hair loss or not, consider trying South Coast Hair Options to truly stop hair loss in New Bedford. In addition to our revolutionary New Bedford laser hair therapy treatment, we also have other options that could be a real solution to your unique hair loss problem. To find out more about the different methods, treatments and testing available to identify the true cause of hair loss, give us a call at 508-995-7085. Our team of trained technicians are here to help!