How Hair Loss Clinics in Southeastern Mass Regrow Hair Today

regrow-hair-laser-therapyYou hear a lot of promises from “as seen on TV” products and so-called solutions with regard to hair loss these days. Unfortunately, not all of those options produce results. The key to figuring out how to regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts – or anywhere else, for that matter – is to take time to examine each individual client to find out the underlying cause of his or her hair loss. Not all hair loss clinics are created equal. For example, many do not even provide their clients with an introductory exam and diagnosis of the cause for hair loss before they begin recommending treatments and therapies.

When you come to South Coast Hair Options in New Bedford, Massachusetts, you will notice right away that our approach is different. Depending on your type of hair loss, we might recommend laser hair therapy or other types of hair loss treatments that will provide you with the greatest opportunity for positive results. We will work with you as an individual to learn more about the causes for your hair loss, whether it be due to stress, heredity or environmental issues, we will discuss your options with you before we start to move ahead.

What Is Laser Hair Therapy?
One of the most successful treatments that is now being used to help regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts is laser hair therapy. Once again, it is not for every type of hair loss or every situation, but for those who are diagnosed with the type of hair loss that responds best to this type of treatment, it feels like nothing short of a miracle. Laser hair therapy is the term used to describe a treatment called low-level laser light therapy or LLLT. Unlike other types of lasers that we might think of initially, laser hair therapy does not create heat within tissue, such as an aesthetic or surgical laser. The client does not feel warmth when the subject of this hair loss treatment in New Bedford and it cannot “cut” the skin.

How Does LLLT Work?
This type of low-level light therapy really is something that we humans have been taking advantage of for a long time. In fact, you are exposed to a certain amount of low-level light each and every day. Your body is already using it in ways that you may not even realize.

Some of the ways our bodies use low-level light include:

  • Low-level light is the process that synthesizes vitamin D into our bodies through our skin as a biochemical reaction from the sun.
  • Low-level light is the process that creates the chemical reaction in our retinas and allows our photosensitive eyes to see.
  • Low-level light is the process that stimulates the melanocytes in our skin to give us a “tan” or “browned” skin appearance.

We prevent low-level light from degrading hydrogen peroxide by safeguarding it in a dark brown bottle because light has the ability to chemically affect all things. LLLT, as used in hair loss clinics, works in the same way, by stimulating a photochemical reaction with a specific wavelength of light, to “activate” compromised cells and create a chain of reactions that can help heal wounds, regenerate tissue, reduce inflammation, treat chronic pain, make skin appear more youthful and, in some situations, help hair to grow.

What Type of Low-Level Light is Used?
There are lots of different types in the world. The type of laser hair therapy light that is used in hair loss clinics is also known as “red” light or “cold laser” light. Studies have proven – and actual clinical use has shown – that this red light can be used to accelerate hair growth. You cannot feel the light on your scalp because it does not generate heat, and it only needs a few minutes of treatment each visit, so it is pain-free, risk-free, does not have any side effects and is even deemed by medical physicians to have “substantial merit” as a valid type of therapy to regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts – or anywhere that it is used.

Different colors of infrared light are used in different ways. For example, sports medicine clinics will often use a LLLT that is blue, yellow or red, as part of physical therapy treatments to enhance the healing of soft tissue or joint related injuries. Some of the conditions that have been positively affected by LLLT include sprains, sports injuries, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

In the general medical field, LLLT has also been used to prevent inflammatory dermatitis in patients who receive radiation therapy for breast cancer. In the cosmetic medical field, LLLT is used frequently in medical spa settings to enhance the rejuvenation of the skin. Fibromyalgia, shingles pain, muscular and joint pain, lower back and cervical neck pain are all just some of the other conditions that have benefited from LLLT.

When you come to South Coast Hair Options for hair loss treatment in New Bedford, Massachusetts, our team will first spend time working with you to diagnose the underlying cause of your hair loss. Each client is different and requires different types of treatment in order to successfully regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts. Either way, hair growth does not happen overnight. It is important to understand this and plan for more immediate repair if faster results are desired. Speak with one of our technicians to find out about comprehensive treatment plans that would include laser hair therapy and a program like our Virtuesse or Dermal Lens hair replacement options.

To find out more about South Coast Hair Options or to learn more about what hair loss clinics are able to do for clients today, give us a call at 508-995-7085. Our team of highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable technicians will work with you to figure out which type of treatment will work best for your situation, diagnose the cause of your hair loss and work with you to develop a plan of attack. Call today to schedule a FREE consultation or to learn more about all of our services and options for hair loss treatment in New Bedford.