Hair Replacement in Fall River: Hair Loss Solutions for Women

Hair Replacement for Women BostonMore women are affected by hair loss or thinning hair than you might think. As a result, there are many different options available that can help to regrow or replace hair. If regrowing your hair is not an option, either due to hereditary or other conditions, consider Virtuesse hair replacement. Some types of female hair loss can improve with hair extensions and other hair solutions for women.

It is important to seek a hair specialist who has experience working with female hair loss. Before any treatments or solutions are offered, the clinic should do an exam of your scalp to determine the underlying cause. Fall River laser hair therapy, replacement options, and combination treatments can help you to feel like yourself again in no time. South Coast Hair Options provides solutions for women throughout the Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island region.

What is Virtuesse Hair Replacement?

Designed to help women to look and feel beautiful, Virtuesse is a totally care-free, non-surgical wonder that is quick and easy to apply. Our clients who are interested in Virtuesse hair replacement begin their journey with a free hair and scalp evaluation, which is worth up to $250. South Coast Hair Options is certified to provide a true assessment of your Annual Rate of Hair Loss (ARHL). This information can help you to choose the options that are best for you, based on your current and future needs.

Virtuesse is not like typical hair extensions. The application is required by a certified hair specialist and provides excellent hair loss solutions for women. Used by Hollywood celebrities, beauty queens, and regular women just like you, Virtuesse has many benefits. There are three application methods, UltraTress II, UltraStrands, and UltraLinks. Whether you need a solution for thinning hair, want to just have more hair, increase the length of your hair, or try on a new look, Virtuesse can help you to achieve your goals.

Made from 100 percent top quality human hair, Virtuesse hair replacement can add length, volume, and thickness. We can apply the UltraTress II pre-bonded extensions to areas where ordinary hair extensions cannot. So if you have thinning hair or hair loss high on your temples or in the mid-scalp area, this could be the right solution for you. Choose from 30 beautiful colors to match your own color, provide highlights, or create a completely brand new look. Ask about our unbelievable $390 trial offer to get started!

Fall River Laser Hair Therapy

Depending on the type of hair loss that you are experiencing, other treatment options might be available as well. Some of our clients prefer instant results with Virtuesse hair replacement while working to regrow hair using other hair loss solutions for women. One of the most widely used treatments for locals in Fall River is laser hair therapy. Clients come from all over the Southern New England area to seek the advice and treatment of our hair specialists. Low level laser therapy or LLLT is a pain-free, chemical-free option that has been proven to stimulate hair growth in both men and women.

Unlike “hot” lasers, low level lasers are often referred to as “soft” or “cold” because they cannot cut, burn, or vaporize tissue. The use of our Fall River laser hair therapy is based on the scientific principle known as photo-biotherapy. Cells absorb the laser light, which stimulates cell metabolism. It has been proven to cause damaged cells to repair themselves. The correct amount of light energy and the appropriate wavelength are needed to yield results. This is why the TV infomercial laser devices are not beneficial.

Other Hair Loss Solutions for Women

If you have tried over the counter solutions or have visited hair loss clinics in the Greater Fall River and New Bedford area without results, consider South Coast Hair Options. Our team of highly trained technicians can help you find the best hair loss solutions for women. Depending on the cause of hair loss, you can either regrow hair using our Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) program or consider Virtuesse. The Virtuesse hair replacement system is not like any other hair extensions available today. It is designed specifically for clients who require solutions for female pattern baldness and other related hair loss conditions.

Call today at 508-995-7085 and speak with one of our representatives. We can answer any questions that you might have about hair loss solutions for women or schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation.