Hair Loss Treatments That Work in MA… And Some That Don’t

treatments-that-workIf you have been looking for new ways to cover hair loss or for effective hair loss treatment in New Bedford, you should consider the Virtuesse hair replacement program available at South Coast Hair Options. There are many different reasons why people lose hair. For some it is genetic, for others it is due to an illness or an underlying condition, but the fact of the matter is that people who suffer from hair loss just want a hair loss treatment in New Bedford that works.

In this world of instant gratification through instant messaging, video chat, emails and other communications that can be sent and downloaded in seconds, who wants to wait for a long-term hair loss treatment to start working? Professional hair extensions through a hair loss clinic is one option that will give you the results you desire without having to wait weeks, months and years for a medical treatment to begin to take root. Virtuesse hair replacement is a great looking, long lasting solution for thinning hair or baldness.

Hair Loss Treatments That Work

South Coast Hair Options provides people in the South Coast region with hair loss treatments that work. One of our most popular options is the Virtuesse hair replacement solution, which is a non-surgical and natural looking treatment. It is perfect for women who suffer from chemical damage, alopecia, thinning hair and other similar hair problems. You can look great and feel your best with this care-free, reasonably priced solution.

When you come to South Coast Hair Options to talk about our Virtuesse hair replacement programs, we will provide you with a free hair and scalp evaluation that is valued at approximately $250. Our clinic is able to give you an assessment of your ARHL or Annual Rate of Hair Loss, to help you choose the hair loss treatments that work best for you. We also have an amazing trial offer that will provide you with top quality professional hair extensions that will help you look great in a fraction of the time that other solutions require.

Hair Loss Treatments That Don’t Work

Don’t be fooled by all the late night infomercials that promise dirt cheap extensions, spray on treatments and other products that will give you never-before-seen results. The truth is that many of these products aren’t even worth the low, low price of $9.95 or $19.95 that they sell for on television because they don’t do a thing for the people who buy them. You won’t see any of these “as seen on TV” products at South Coast Hair Options because they don’t work. We provide professional quality and realistic hair lost treatment in New Bedford for our clients.

  • SPRAY ON HAIR – This product uses a spray-on formula that contains colored powders and keratin particles to cover thinning hair at the top of the scalp. Unfortunately, this product only seems to make it more obvious that you are trying to cover something up because the colors are limited and they rarely match the person’s natural hair color. Even if the color were to match, however, the hair would look stiff, overly hair-sprayed and fake. If you are looking for natural looking results, Virtuesse hair replacement is your best bet.
  • CHEAP HAIR PIECES – If you decide to go with a hair piece to cover baldness or thinning hair, a cheap hair piece that you bought over the internet or purchased from a wig store won’t cut it. Professional looking Virtuesse hair replacement is your best bet for great looking hair that won’t look like a wig.
  • CHEAP HAIR EXTENSIONS – Hair extensions are another popular fix for bald or thinning hair. However, there are a lot of cheap products available today that won’t do anything to make you look any better and, in fact, could actually increase hair loss and cause more thinning as a result. Professional hair extensions through a clinic that provides hair loss treatment in New Bedford like South Coast Hair Options is your best bet for great-looking hair.
  • BAD HAIR PLUGS – Hair replacement experts agree that hair plugs are a treatment of the past. Instead, it is best to recommend hair loss treatments that work to our clients so they will be happy with the results. Make sure to research hair restoration specialists and work with a clinic that can truly provide you with hair loss treatments that work based on your type of hair loss, lifestyle, budget and other important factors.

Call South Coast Hair Options for the Best Options

If you really want hair loss treatments that work, look no further than South Coast Hair Options. We provide top quality solutions and options for hair loss treatment in New Bedford to clients from the South Coast region and the surrounding northeastern area. Our Virtuesse hair replacement program, professional hair extensions, low-level laser light therapy and other hair loss treatment options can be applied based upon the underlying causes of your hair loss and your desired results. Call today at 508-995-7085 and get started on the path to confidence with South Coast Hair Options.