Hair Loss Treatments for Men: New Bedford Hair Loss Clinic

male hair loss in BostonOne of the best gifts that you can give to yourself is to take care of things that bother you. Bad teeth, weight loss, and thinning hair typically top the list of things that most men would like to change about themselves. The good news is that South Coast Hair Options has many different hair loss treatments for men that actually work. We use a different approach than those over the counter remedies and late-night TV gadgets. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians treats each new client as an individual, performing a comprehensive scalp evaluation to identify the true cause of hair loss before beginning any treatment at our New Bedford hair loss clinic. Whether laser hair therapy, specialty shampoos, or dermal lens hair replacement is right for you will depend on your particular type of hair loss, your lifestyle requirements, and your budget.

Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS)

Our team uses an exclusive approach to hair loss treatments for men known as Corrective Hair Solutions or CHS. Because of our dedication to our clients and advancements made in the hair loss industry, we are able to guarantee that we can create a custom solution for ANY type of hair loss. More than 45 million men in the United States are currently experiencing some degree of hair loss – you are not alone! While the majority of men experience genetic alopecia, a hereditary type of thinning hair that leads to the classic male pattern baldness, there are others who have a completely different type of loss that cannot be addressed by bottled formulas and expensive gadgets.

We create an individualized treatment plan that is based on your unique needs and goals. We can achieve a complete and natural look – without requiring surgery and available at prices that are more affordable than you might think. Our solutions will not restrict your active lifestyle and are designed specifically as hair loss treatments for men. We can solve all of your hair loss problems to help you look your very best. Our solutions are safe and natural, affordable, and work with your existing hair. So whether you are experiencing hair loss due to a protein deficiency, health issues, dietary problems, chemotherapy, or the normal aging process, you can count on South Coast Hair Options to provide you with a viable solution that works.

Hair Restoration Solutions

In addition to our hair loss treatments for men, which can stop hair loss in its tracks and, in some cases, cause new hair growth, we also have hair restoration solutions. Virtual Reality is a dermal lens hair replacement that is not a hairpiece or anything else that you would wear. It is an advanced hair replacement product that is applied using an invisible, non-surgical dermal lens that is similar to a contact lens. Human hair is inserted into the lens that is compatible with your existing hair color, density, curl pattern, and texture, so it is virtually undetectable – even by the people, you see every day.

Our team can apply the Virtual Reality product all in one visit or add it gradually to your existing hair to make it less noticeable. Easy to use and extremely natural-looking, there is essentially no home maintenance for this dermal lens hair replacement product outside of normal washing, conditioning, and styling. You might be surprised to learn just how many celebrities, politicians, sports figures, and television personalities use this hair replacement solution. It is a carefree, non-surgical wonder that is reasonably priced and fairly quick and easy to install.

Get More Information

If you would like to learn more about Virtual Reality dermal lens hair replacement or the highly successful laser hair therapy treatment, contact our team directly by calling 508-995-7085. We can answer any questions you might have about our hair loss treatments for men, schedule an appointment for a FREE initial consultation, and assist you in finding the best options available at our New Bedford hair loss clinic. Call today and take advantage of our FREE scalp evaluation to determine the underlying cause of your thinning hair and hair loss. The only thing you have to lose is more hair, so stop dragging your feet and make a promise to yourself to visit South Coast Hair Options and finally do something about your hair loss.