Hair Loss Treatment in Fall River for Female Pattern Baldness

fall river female pattern baldnessWhile we hear a lot about male pattern baldness on television or in the media, there’s not a lot of information regularly shared in Southeastern Massachusetts of hair loss in women. Female pattern baldness is a real condition that, while similar in some ways, is drastically different than what most men experience. The pattern of loss for women is much different, and even with professional hair extensions, there might still be a visible thinning, depending on the type of hair loss. South Coast Hair Options has a variety of solutions and treatment options available that are designed specifically for women. If you are searching for a professional hair loss treatment in Fall River that will address your unique pattern of loss and needs, we can help you to achieve your goals.

Fall River Laser Hair Therapy

One of the treatment options available at South Coast Hair Options is Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT. Also known in the industry as photo-biotherapy or cold laser treatments, our Fall River laser hair therapy program is often used in conjunction with other techniques to provide increased hair growth for our clients. While you may have seen laser tools being sold on late-night television infomercials, these products can’t offer the same level of benefits that our professional treatment services can deliver. Unlike the hot lasers used for cutting or burning tissue in surgical settings, these soft or cold lasers use laser light therapy to stimulate cell metabolism, which can even cause damaged cells to repair themselves.

Studies have proven that the photo-biochemical changes in these cells within the hair follicles can only be achieved with the correct amount of light energy that is delivered at the proper wavelength. This is why the as-seen-on-TV products do not provide results. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a miraculous healing tool that is used for telogen effluvium treatments by professionals across the country and around the globe. For women, in particular, LLLT has been quite successful at addressing many of the common causes of female pattern baldness, alopecia, and other thinning hair or hair loss conditions. However, to find out if our Fall River laser hair therapy program is right for you, we must perform a scalp evaluation.

FREE Consultation for New Clients

One of the ways that we help our female clients with Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss in women is to offer a FREE scalp evaluation and initial consultation. Even brittle, thinning, and aging hair can receive treatments designed to bring it back to life. If your hair is not as thick, lustrous, or long as you would like, we can help you with a variety of custom-designed solutions to address any type of hair loss treatment in Fall River and the surrounding area. From professional hair extensions and our popular Virtuesse hair replacement options to Fall River laser hair therapy and other custom solutions, we work with each client to address her specific needs to maximize the results.

Studies show that over 30 million women in the United States are experiencing some degree of hair loss. While many men can rock that bald look, it does not work the same way with women. Whether you prefer to wear your hair long or short, it is essential to find a hair loss treatment in Fall River that will address your specific needs. Each woman is unique, from your DNA to your diet, inherited biology and scalp condition, along with other essential factors. All of this adds up to create a comprehensive profile that will help our technicians provide you with individualized treatment options. Our Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) approach is part of what makes South Coast Hair Options one of the most popular hair loss clinics in the Greater Fall River area.

Corrective Hair Solutions

The approach that we use to provide our clients with custom treatment options is known as Corrective Hair Solutions or CHS. This treatment program targets Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss in women and is safe, natural, and affordable. CHS is designed to work with your existing hair and can solve ALL hair loss problems. Our goal is to help you look your very best and provide results that are natural looking. Our hair loss treatment in Fall River will not restrict your active lifestyle in any way. Designed specifically for women, all of our treatment options, including Fall River laser hair therapy and professional hair extensions, can be used by themselves or in conjunction with other treatment options, depending on your unique requirements.

Ready to get started? Give South Coast Hair Options a call at 508-995-7085 and speak with one of our highly trained and experienced technicians to schedule a FREE consultation to help get you started. Our dedicated staff of professionals has provided both surgical and non-surgical solutions to thousands of women and men in the South Coast area since 1974. We can help you feel like yourself again and put a stop to the depressing side effects of female pattern baldness.