Hair Loss: Tips on How to Regrow Hair for Southeastern Massachusetts Clients

regrow-hairMale, female, young, old – it doesn’t matter who you are or when it hits, hair loss can be a difficult challenge for most people to overcome. Fortunately, there are many treatment options available that will help you stop hair loss in New Bedford. In fact, there are many opportunities now available to people who suffer from hair loss that can even help them to understand the cause of hair loss and, in many cases, even learn how to regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Many treatments, including the exciting and beneficial New Bedford laser hair therapy, are now available to residents and visitors to the South Coast area. However, for those who don’t want to wait for results, there are other options, such as professional hair extensions made from a top quality human hair weave. When it comes to finding new and effective ways to help patients who suffer from hair loss, regardless of the underlying cause or reason, South Coast Hair Options has the solution!

Not Just for Men Any Longer

Unfortunately, the importance of learning how to stop hair loss in New Bedford is no longer just limited to men. Studies reveal that one in four women in America suffer from some form of hair loss, which can be much more traumatic than it is for me. However, it is important to know that hair loss is treatable and, with the right therapy and support, it is possible for men and women to regrow hair Southeastern Massachusetts and overcome this very embarrassing condition.

Losing hair is a normal fact of life, but it is important to become aware as to how much is too much before it becomes a big problem. Doctors say that we lose between 50-150 strands each day through the normal “wear and tear” on our hair and scalp through the use of hair products, pony tail bands, hats, snagging on furniture and other very common situations. A healthy scalp has the ability to recover, producing more hair on a regular basis to overcome that normal loss. Men tend to lose hair in a pattern, which is where we see a loss at the crown of the head or from the forehead back. Women do not typically lose hair in this way, which is why it is not usually noticed until true thinning begins to become obvious.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Before you cover your thinning hair with professional hair extensions made from an all natural human hair weave, it is important to identify the issues and try to stop hair loss in New Bedford. Understanding the common factors that can contribute to hair loss and the treatments that are available to overcome them is what will truly help you to regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts better than any solution-in-a-box that you can order from an infomercial on TV.

Some of the most common causes of hair loss include:

  • Hormones – Changes in a person’s hormones, through pregnancy, menopause, childbirth and thyroid issues have all been known to cause temporary hair loss issues. Studies show that 20-45 percent of women will lose hair after their estrogen and progesterone hormone levels drop following pregnancy. It can take 9-12 months to regrow hair following childbirth, so many women turn to professional hair extensions while they wait for it to come back naturally.
  • Prescriptions – There are many side-effects to taking prescription medications, and one of them is hair loss. High blood pressure pills, diabetes medication, treatment for arthritis, gout and other common ailments can all cause temporary hair loss. Some women even experience hair loss issues when starting or stopping birth control, due to the influence of the hormones being used.
  • Stress/Trauma – When a person experiences a severe stress or trauma situation, hair loss can occur. Shocking situations, such as a divorce, economic issues, getting fired from a job, a sudden death in the family or even personal illnesses and surgeries can all lead to hair loss. Identifying the issues can help many patients to regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts once they identify the cause and learn to deal with it.
  • Hair Styling – There are certain things that people do to their hair that can cause it to fall out. Over-styling with chemical products, treatments and even some extensions that haven’t been professionally installed can cause entire sections of the hair to just dry out and break off. Treatments such as the New Bedford laser hair therapy and other professional solutions can help to stop hair loss in situations like this.
  • Nutrition – The food that we eat has a lot to do with our overall health. Junk food, fast food and even extreme diets can wreck havoc on your hair. Rapid weight loss through the use of low-protein or low-fat diets are especially known to cause these issues in both men and women.

Where to Find the Best Solution

If you truly want to learn how to stop hair loss and regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts, your best option is to visit a professional treatment center, such as South Coast Hair Options in New Bedford, MA. Corrective Hair Solutions are available for men and women, including a very successful New Bedford laser hair therapy that utilize what is known as low level light therapy or LLLT, which relies on the scientific principal of photo biotherapy. These treatments have been proven to help stop hair loss in New Bedford and have also been very successful in other parts of the country where they have been applied.

In addition to treatments and therapy solutions, South Coast Hair Options also helps our clients to immediately overcome hair loss issues through the use of professional hair extensions that use an all-natural human hair weave for great results. Our team can help you find the solution that is best for your situation and budget. Give us a call at 508-995-7085 to get started with a treatment option that will help you to stop hair loss in New Bedford and start to regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts today!