Hair Loss Solutions for Women: 5 Top Reasons for Hair Loss

hair-loss-womenBefore you can begin any type of successful hair loss treatment in New Bedford or anywhere else for that matter, it is important to choose a remedy for hair loss that is based upon the reasons why you experienced hair loss in the first place. Because there are different causes for hair loss, there are also different hair loss solutions for women. That is why people you will often hear people complain about spending a lot of money on solutions that don’t work or you will hear positive reviews about a product that you already tried without any change.

When you come to South Coast Hair Options in New Bedford, Massachusetts, we will help you find the actual cause of your hair loss and recommend a wide variety of treatments and solutions, such as laser hair therapy or hair extension, depending on your unique situation. Our goal is to find the perfect remedy for hair loss that will address your unique needs and help you start looking and feeling like yourself as quickly as possible.

Reason #1 – Physical Stress
There are many influences that can cause physical stress in a person. Something as serious as a car accident or something as commonplace as getting the flu. All of these things can lead to temporary hair loss. This type of hair loss is known in the industry as telogen effluvium. What happens is that the hair growth cycle has become shocked, putting more of your hair into the shedding phase. Instead of a normal cycle of growth, rest and shedding, too much falls out. While it might not be noticeable right away, people who have experienced this type of physical stress will see hair loss between 3-6 months after the trauma occurred. If hair loss continues beyond that period of time, speak with an expert about hair loss treatment in New Bedford for your condition.

Reason #2 – Pregnancy
We are hearing more about more about hair loss seen in women during pregnancy. While pregnancy is a type of physical stress, the more likely cause is hormonal. The combination of the massive pregnancy hormones and the trauma of giving birth will bring on more hair loss after your baby has been born than during pregnancy. This type of hair loss is normal and should remedy itself after a couple of months. In the mean time, many mothers turn to hair extensions and other non-chemical treatments to keep their hair looking youthful and thick during and after pregnancy.

Reason #3 – Protein Deficiency
Your body will do anything it can to make sure it gets enough protein. If you aren’t getting enough, your body can ration the protein that it has available to it by shutting down normal hair growth. It becomes noticeable about 2-3 months after the drop in protein take. The best remedy for hair loss of this type is to increase your protein intake, including meat, eggs and fish. If this does not help to counteract the hair loss, speak with an expert at South Coast Hair Options for other options with regard to hair loss solutions for women.

Reason #4 – Hormones
Even non-pregnancy hormones can wreck havoc in a woman’s body and result in hair loss. It can happen when you start taking birth-control pills and when you quit taking them. It is commonly seen in women who come from a family with a history of hair loss. Hormonal changes during menstruation and at menopause can have the same effect. For some women, a remedy for hair loss can be successfully provided, but for others, due to the cause of the loss, hair extensions and other options may be the only choice. If you are taking a prescription that causes a hormonal imbalance or shift, speak with your doctor about making a change.

Reason #5 – Alopecia
There are two names used in conjunction with alopecia, either androgenic and androgenetic, which basically denotes that this is the female version of male pattern baldness. If you come from a family where women have hair loss at a certain age, you will be more prone to this type of hair loss. Women do not get a receding hairline like men do, but they can see their part widen or see noticeable patches or areas of thinning hair all over their heads. When you come to South Coast Hair Options for hair loss treatment in New Bedford, our technicians will diagnose your conditions first and then pair you up with the best hair loss solutions for women based upon your diagnosis.

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