Hair Loss Clinics in New Bedford: Proven Solutions for Women

proven hair loss solutions for womenWomen who have dealt with thinning hair, bald patches, and significant hair loss are tired of spending valuable time and money on solutions that just don’t work. Products sold over the counter at grocery stores, big-box stores, and through online sales websites take a one-size-fits-all approach to hair solutions for women. Unfortunately, there are many different causes of hair loss or thinning hair. Until you know what is causing your hair loss, you won’t be able to find an effective treatment that will address your specific needs. South Coast Hair Options hair loss clinics in New Bedford take a different approach. We provide every new client with a FREE scalp and hair assessment with a hair specialist in Massachusetts to determine which treatment option is best for your condition, lifestyle, and budget. For some, this might mean our New Bedford laser hair therapy and for others it could mean another type of Corrective Hair Solution (CHS) treatment. We also have non-surgical hair replacement opportunities that are affordable, safe and natural.

Designed for Women

This is an essential part of our success. While there are many products, treatments, and programs on the market that specifically target men, there are only a handful that focus on hair solutions for women. Our CHS approach is designed to work with your existing hair and can solve all hair loss problems. At South Coast Hair Options, our goal is to help you look your best and to have the thick, lustrous hair that you have always wanted. Even if hair loss is not your issue, we can provide totally natural-looking solutions that will give you fuller, thicker hair that can be styled and worn any way you want. Used by celebrities, pop stars, actresses, and corporate women around the globe to have picture-perfect hair, our non-surgical hair replacement programs are much more affordable than you might think. So whether you are looking to keep the hair that you have, stop hair loss in the early stages, or recover a full head of hair after years of loss and trauma, our hair loss clinics in New Bedford can help you achieve your goals.

While thinning hair is generally accepted in men, many women tend to hide their hair loss under uncomfortable wigs or with scarves and strategic hairstyles. Studies show that more than 30 million women in the United States have experienced some degree of thinning hair or hair loss. But now you can do something about it. At South Coast Hair Options, we have a variety of proven techniques, methods, and treatments that can be used to help you look and feel like yourself again. We start by identifying the underlying cause of hair loss, which could be a combination of biology, DNA, diet, scalp condition, environmental influences, and other factors, which must be specifically treated for real results. Those bottled solutions sold on late-night television or at the pharmacy may promise to deliver, but unless they are formulated for your unique type of hair loss, they won’t work no matter how long you use them. When you work with a hair specialist in Massachusetts at South Coast Hair Options, you will receive truly customized treatment based on your individual needs.

Advanced New Bedford Laser Hair Therapy

One of the treatment options that we use with hair loss solutions for women is low level laser therapy. Also known as photo-biotherapy, “soft” or “cold” laser therapy, this method is based on a proven scientific principle that causes damaged cells to repair themselves and stimulates cell metabolism. Photo-biochemical changes in cells can only occur when the correct amount of light energy is delivered at the appropriate wavelength. You might have seen TV ads for products that claim to deliver laser therapy benefits for hair loss, but without the proper calibration and application, they are just another waste of time and money. Low level laser therapy or LLLT is nothing less than a miraculous healing tool when used for telogen effluvium treatments with clients who suffer from this specific type of hair loss.

At South Coast Hair Options, our New Bedford laser hair therapy program relies on the advanced Laser Hair Therapy 5000 device, which has 51 diode lasers mounted in a half-sphere. It delivers the correct amount of light energy in the appropriate wavelength to the tissues of the scalp. The light energy photons penetrate deep inside the tissues and are absorbed by deeper cell structures. This results in a photo-biochemical chain of cellular and sub-cellular events. Clinically proven to stimulate cell metabolism and repair, LLLT treatments are used throughout the United States and Europe to effectively increase the micro-circulation of blood supplies to stop hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. To find out if this treatment is right for you, schedule an appointment with our hair loss clinics in New Bedford.

Stop Putting It Off

You owe it to yourself to do something about your thinning hair or hair loss. Women have a tendency to do things for everyone else in their life before they take time to do something for themselves. Take charge of your personal image and take the first step toward looking and feeling like yourself again. Stop hiding under scarves, hot wigs, and hairpieces that don’t quite provide the coverage that you need. If you want to get proven hair loss solutions for women, contact a hair specialist in Massachusetts at South Coast Hair Options. We have solutions for ALL types of hair loss, so there’s no reason to think that we won’t be able to help you with yours, Call today at 508-995-7085 and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians to schedule an appointment for a FREE evaluation.