The hottest hair extension applications on the market - ultratress™ is sweeping the nation

Made with 100% of the finest quality human hair available, ultratress hair weaves for thinning hair will give length, volume, and thickness to the woman who is either looking for more hair, a greater range of styles, or maybe just a new look. The ultratress line of human hair extensions has three application methods UltraTress II, UltraStrands, and UltraLinks all which can turn your wildest hair fantasy into reality.

UltraTress II Extensions are pre-bonded fusion strips and hand made using 100% Remi Human Hair, available in 30 beautiful natural colors. One of the unique features of the UltraTress II pre-bonded extensions is that they can be applied to areas that ordinary extensions can't, such as high up on the temples and up to the anterior mid-scalp, reducing application time to an absolute minimum.

UltraStrands Extensions are hand made using 100% Remi Human Hair and are available in 30 beautiful colors, giving you multiple natural looking styling options. UltraStrands hot fusion application method provides a very natural look as well as a seamless transition when blended and styled into your clients' own hair.

UltraLinks Extensions are hand made using 100% Remi Human Hair and are available in 30 blended colors. Ideal for adding length, volume and pizzazz to your client’s hair. UltraLinks Extensions are very natural looking and can be used to add stylish highlights or lowlights without chemical treatment or heat application.

See for yourself how easily your hair fantasy becomes reality and add that exclamation point to your look!