Hair Extensions vs Virtuesse Hair Replacement for Women in MA

Lots of women take advantage of the advancements made in professional hair extensions to increase volume and fullness for naturally thin or recently thinning hair. While there are many methods now available for clients who want to know how to treat hair loss in women, instant gratification can be had through the use of Virtuesse hair replacement and other realistic-looking solutions. There is no reason to keep going throughout life with embarrassing hair loss or thin and difficult-to-style hair.

If you still want to know the answer to the question: “Why is my hair falling out?”, you can get all the information you need by visiting South Coast Hair Options in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Our technicians will provide you with a FREE evaluation to determine the best possible approach to Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) based on your unique needs and goals. Hair loss in women is very different from hair loss in men, so we make sure to provide each client with a completely customized and individualized solution for best results.

Professional Hair Extensions
At South Coast Hair Options, we don’t use cheap hair extensions that are “as seen on TV” or found at your local drugstore. Our technicians use the hottest hair extension applications on the market under the Ultratress™ brand. There are three options available in the Ultratress™ brand, each with its own type of application designed to suit the unique needs and budget of each client that we serve. Ultratress™ professional hair extensions will provide length, volume, and thickness for women who are looking to change their look, as well as for clients who want to know how to treat hair loss in women.

The three application methods and types of Ultratress™ include:

  • Ultratress™ II – pre-bonded fusion strips in 30 natural colors
  • UltraStrands™ – hot fusion application method in 30 natural colors
  • UltraLinks™ – applied without chemical or heat treatment in 30 blended colors

The advantage to choosing the Ultratress™ II extensions is that they are made from 100 percent Remi Human Hair and can be applied to areas that ordinary hair extensions cannot, including the temple area and the mid-scalp. This helps to not only create volume and fullness not typically achieved by other professional hair extensions but also works to reduce the amount of time required for the application.

Virtuesse Hair Replacement
Used as a treatment for how to treat hair loss in women, as well as a method for providing volume and fullness to naturally thin hair and advanced hair loss, the Virtuesse hair replacement system is a non-surgical, pain-free solution that is designed to meet the needs of each individual client. Virtuesse can be selected to match your natural hair color, thickness, and texture, to provide seamless results that will look and feel more natural than wigs and professional hair extensions. Whether you are receiving treatments after coming in and asking, “Why is my hair falling out?” or if you are just looking to add some fullness or length to your hair, Virtuesse hair replacement may be right for you.

Virtuesse hair replacement is an excellent choice for women who are:

  • experiencing thinning hair
  • have advanced stages of hair loss
  • need immediate results
  • in search of natural-looking solutions
  • tired of wearing wigs

Virtuesse hair replacement is different from professional hair extensions in that it is applied using a thin, transparent base that is designed to bond seamlessly to your scalp. The strands of hair are secured using a technique that mimics your hair’s natural growth pattern. Virtuesse hair replacement gives you the appearance and benefits of surgical hair replacement, without all of the pain, cost, and recovery time required. In fact, it can be applied in one appointment or spread out over multiple appointments for a more natural progression of “growth.” You don’t take Virtuesse off at night and it is easily maintained by washing it along with your natural hair. You can swim, exercise, and style your hair like normal, without worrying about your Virtuesse hair replacement system.

Visit South Coast Hair Options
If you are interested in learning more about professional hair extensions from Ultratress™ II or Virtuesse hair replacement, contact South Coast Hair Options in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Get the answers to “Why is my hair falling out?” and learn how to treat hair loss in women with the science, technology, and techniques available through our experienced technicians. Give us a call at 508-995-7085 or stop by our location on Acushnet Avenue to learn more about our hair loss solutions and services.