Greater Boston Hair Loss for Women: Discussing Your Options

For many years no one wanted to discuss women and hair loss publically. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that commercials for products that promise to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area for women even aired on television. Either the hair loss industry wasn’t aware of the need for women’s hair loss remedies or people were just afraid to talk about it. Whatever the case, women of today can rejoice that there are now specific treatment programs available at Greater Boston hair loss clinics, such as South Coast Hair Options in New Bedford, that have therapies available just for them.

From treatments in New Bedford that regrow hair in women, such as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) and prescription medications, to long-lasting, non-surgical hair replacement technologies, such as the popular Virtuesse, there is no reason to keep dealing with hair loss on your own. South Coast Hair Options specializes in treatments for both men and women, providing a complete evaluation for each client to determine the exact cause of hair loss, to provide a more beneficial solution. We also take into account the extent of your hair loss, your lifestyle, and your goals for regrowth or replacement, to provide you with the best treatment available.

Talk About Women and Hair Loss
Finding a treatment that works all starts with learning how to talk about women and hair loss. Hair is just one of those things that you don’t “mess with” when it comes to women. Long, beautiful hair is an important part of the feminine identity, so to think about hair loss can be frightening for many women. Unfortunately, female hair loss is seen much more often than most people realize. When a woman starts to lose her hair, she might not even realize that she is part of a much larger demographic of the North American woman than the TV, movies, and even commercials might reveal.

Over-the-counter remedies may work for some people, but they are designed to target specific types of hair loss. There is no one-size-fits-all type of treatment option. The solutions provided must be targeted specifically to the needs of the client. Greater Boston hair loss clinics that promise anything less should be met with scrutiny. Be brave and encouraged, come to South Coast Hair Options to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area and stop trying to “make do” with pony tails, comb overs, slicking your hair back, and a wide range of tricks used for thinning hair and outright hair loss.

What’s Normal Hair Loss?
However, before you make your way to our clinic to try and regrow hair in the Greater Boston area, it pays to have an understanding about normal hair loss. Did you know that the average woman loses between 60-100 hairs each day? While this may seem like a lot, we are actually used to seeing this much in our combs, brushes, sinks, and shower drains every single day. If you suddenly notice more hair, the chances are good that your rate of hair loss has increased.

  • GRADUAL THINNING – One of the most common types of hair loss experienced by women at our Greater Boston hair loss clinics. Thinning is not an increase in the number of hairs that fall out, but a decrease in the diameter of your hair, resulting in thinner strands of hair. It can take awhile for clients to notice the change, as it happens gradually, but when you do notice it, it is important to get it taken care of right away.
  • POST-PARTUM HAIR LOSS – Did you know that it is common to lose hair approximately two to three months after having a baby? While you have an increase in female hormones during pregnancy, which often results in shiny, thicker hair, studies show that the trauma or shock from giving birth combined with the balance of those hormones can often result in hair loss. Some believe that the increased hair loss is just the body’s way of catching up on the hair that should have been lost during the nine months of pregnancy. Either way, we see a lot of individuals for this type of hair loss, and it is important to learn how to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area safely.
  • SUDDEN HAIR LOSS – For some women, hair loss occurs suddenly and seemingly for no reason. However, a trauma in your life can lead to hair loss. Have you been in a car accident? Suffered a financial tragedy? Lost a loved one? Any of these situations can result in hair loss that could require a technician in New Bedford to regrow hair in women. Illnesses, prescription medications, lack of vitamins, or even an abundance of certain vitamins, can also be causes of hair loss in women.

Visit South Coast Hair Options
If you are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss in Southeastern Massachusetts, make sure to stop by South Coast Hair Options located on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Our Greater Boston hair loss clinics will start by identifying the cause of your hair loss to create a smart approach to finding the best treatment available to help you regrow your hair. Virtuesse and hair extension options are also available for those who want instant results. Give us a call at 508-995-7085 to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.