Greater Boston Hair Loss Clinics: Signs of Male Pattern Baldness

male pattern baldness boston areaThere are certain things you should never put off, and hair loss is definitely one of them. As soon as you recognize the signs of male pattern baldness, do something about it. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to stop the loss and regrow hair. If you are looking for hair loss treatment in Fall River, New Bedford, and the Greater Boston area, consider South Coast Hair Options. Our many years of experience working with the latest treatments, techniques, and scientific methods have put us ahead of other Greater Boston hair loss clinics and earned us a solid reputation in the local region. Whether you require South Coast laser therapy for hair or desire an immediate solution, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can help you achieve your goals.

Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS)

South Coast Hair Options is different than other Greater Boston hair loss clinics. We use a solution that is known as Corrective Hair Solutions of CHS. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution that rarely works for anyone, we have developed a customized and individualized treatment program that is designed specifically for your unique needs and requirements. Our goal is the same as yours – to find a treatment that will help you to look and feel like yourself again. Our CHS program is safe and natural, affordable, and is designed to NOT restrict your active lifestyle. Ongoing at-home care requires nothing more than normal shampooing, conditioning, and styling, just as you would typically do for yourself.

We begin by providing you with a FREE scalp evaluation to determine all of the essential factors concerning your hair loss. Our focus is on determining the underlying condition that has caused your thinning hair or loss so we can match it with a proven treatment that will work. We can solve ALL hair loss problems and work with your existing hair, which means you don’t have to shave it off and do anything else – we take care of it all. You are unique, and your hair loss treatment in Fall River, New Bedford, and anywhere else in the South Coast area should be designed to suit your needs, budgetary requirements, and lifestyle demands. That’s what we do at South Coast Hair Options. We consider all of the signs of male pattern baldness, along with the type and rate of hair loss, to choose the best solution for you.

Hair Loss is Common in the US

Studies reveal that more than 45 million men just in the United States alone have experienced some degree of hair loss. The cause for each individual can vary, sometimes overlapping multiple causes and different rates of loss, depending on the situation. Genetics, normal aging, protein deficiencies, alopecia, dietary problems, chemotherapy, and other medical causes can all play a role in developing signs of male pattern baldness. But the good news is that you can do something about it. The sooner you come to South Coast Hair Options, the faster we will be able to start you on a treatment program at our Greater Boston hair loss clinics.

We offer a wide range of solutions that can be used to help restore your natural look. That might mean specialty product applications, South Coast laser therapy for hair, or a rapid treatment solution, depending on your needs. Science has finally caught up to the age-old problem of thinning hair and hair loss. We are able to do something about it so you can get back your confidence, look younger, and put a stop to bald spots and receding hairlines once and for all. Our approach of developing a custom and individual solution that is tailored to your specific needs will give you results that you can count on to make a real change in your life.

Virtual Reality Solutions

Another method that we can use for any type of hair loss – either to give instant results or to make improvements gradually, so it isn’t as obvious to coworkers, family, and friends, is Virtual Reality. This is not a hairpiece; it is a solution that becomes a part of you. It is not something that you wear, but a fine-tuned technique that is used to apply human hair through a dermal lens to your scalp. It is a non-surgical procedure that works to match the color, curl pattern, texture, and density of your existing hair to create a cosmetic miracle hair restoration process that looks natural.

There is essentially no home maintenance, other than washing, conditioning, and styling. To learn more about Virtual Reality options, contact one of our team members to schedule an evaluation. Get started on the path to finding the solution that is right for you at our Greater Boston hair loss clinics. If you have tried other methods for hair loss treatments in Fall River, New Bedford, and the surrounding area that did not produce results, it’s time to get a solution that was designed specifically for you. Give us a call at 508-995-7085 to schedule a FREE scalp evaluation today!