Greater Boston Hair Loss Clinics: Hair Loss Therapy for Men

laser hair therapy for men in MassachusettsMen’s hair care products have come a long way in recent years. Hair loss treatment choices have expanded for males because to investments in New Bedford and the Greater Boston area’s research, trials, and successful applications. South Coast Hair Options uses Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS), a strategy that begins with a thorough assessment of the scalp to identify the root cause of hair loss or thinning and tailor therapy accordingly. Laser hair therapy is one of the most promising options accessible today. Contact our professionals to set up a consultation if you live in the Greater Boston region and are interested in regrowing your hair with this cutting-edge method.

Laser Treatments for Male Hair Loss

The basic ideas behind photo-biotherapy date back hundreds of years. However, using a low-reactive laser to further refine the process is only recently emerging. The lasers used in laser hair treatment are considered “cold” or “soft” lasers in the medical community because they lack the heat component necessary for cutting, burning, or vaporizing tissue. Instead, it is possible to use low doses of laser light (LLLT) to promote metabolic activity in cells and repair damage to tissue. At our New Bedford hair loss clinic, we employ it as a therapy to cure injuries and as a remedy for both men and women suffering from hair loss.

The use of lasers for hair restoration is gaining popularity and acceptance among doctors all over the world. This has led to a proliferation of hair-regrowth aids in the Greater Boston region. Unfortunately, the photo-biochemical changes in cells can only be accomplished by delivering the proper amount of light energy at the proper wavelength. This is why laser helmets and brushes, among other late-night “as seen on TV” remedies, are useless. Professional hair loss treatment in New Bedford, such as that offered by South Coast Hair Options, uses low-level laser light to cure telogen effluvium, and can’t be replicated at home.

Hair Loss Therapy for Men

If you want to know how light energy works in hair loss treatments for men, it helps to have a fundamental grasp of the many forms of light. When focused on the skin, even “white light” (or visible light) can cause a heating sensation. It emits a lot of energy, and the water in the outer cell structures soaks up most of the light. However, laser light with a single, narrow wavelength can reach deeply into the skin’s layers and be absorbed there. As a result, the cells and tissues of the scalp get healing energy via a photo-biochemical chain reaction. The Laser Hair Therapy 5000 system, used in our clinic, consists of fifty-one diode lasers arranged in a half-sphere and is designed to focus laser energy precisely where it is required.

The laser’s energy is absorbed by deeper cell structures in the tissues. This triggers a series of photo-biochemical reactions within cells. Research undertaken in both Europe and the United States confirms the efficacy of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) for treating hair loss in New Bedford. The microcirculation of blood supplies is dramatically increased due to the cellular and sub-cellular activities that occur, which in turn stops hair loss and promotes hair re-growth. We at South Coast Hair Options in the Greater Boston region have found that laser hair treatment is a successful method for regrowing hair. However, not all treatments are created equal in terms of their ability to cater to individual patients. This is why the method employed by Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) is still being used at our New Bedford facility.

Regrow Hair in Massachusetts

Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) is unique among men’s hair care products since it takes a personalized approach rather than a cookie-cutter one. At the outset of our working relationship with a new customer, we offer a free scalp assessment to pin down the precise reason(s) for the client’s hair loss or thinning. Once the root cause has been isolated, we collaborate with the client to develop a remedy that takes into account their unique priorities, constraints, and timeframes. We are well aware that there is no universally effective method for regrowing hair in the Boston region. To achieve your goals, our experts may suggest a single therapy or a combination of therapies. In order to determine if laser hair treatment is appropriate for you, our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals recommends scheduling an evaluation at your earliest convenience by contacting 508-995-7085.