Female Buyers Beware: How to Treat Hair Loss in Boston Area

Hair loss in WomenIf you are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair, it is important to take some time to learn about the ins and outs of how to treat hair loss in women before you waste a lot of time and money on so-called treatments that won’t work. The first thing you need to do is to figure out what is causing your hair loss. South Coast Hair Options provides all of our clients with a FREE hair and scalp evaluation. This is the only way to identify the true cause of your hair loss and match your condition with the proper solution.

One-size-fits-all products and programs that you will see in the South Coast can’t regrow hair in women, no matter how hard they try. That’s because there are many different underlying conditions that can contribute to hair loss or thinning hair in women. Viable treatments, such as our Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) program and New Bedford laser hair therapy, along with individualized consultations and, in some cases, Virtuesse hair replacement as part of on-going treatment or as a long-term solution, can be used for female hair loss.

What You Need to Know
Unlike male pattern baldness and other types of hair loss in men, there isn’t a lot of conversation about how to treat hair loss in women. For example, did you know that approximately 40 percent of all women will experience some type of hair loss during their lifetime? The truth is that the life cycle of hair is where a lot of the problems can be found and understood. On average, people lose approximately 100 hairs each day. Our hair follicles go through a cycle of growth, rest and shedding – that’s completely normal. However, some women will notice even more hairs falling out each day, especially as they age. Other conditions and health situations can cause an increase in hair loss as well.

Female pattern baldness is a real thing and can occur post-menopause. Hair loss in women is different from hair loss in men, so it is important to seek solutions in the South Coast to regrow hair in women that are designed for female hair loss. New Bedford laser hair therapy is one of those treatments that has been found to be successful in both men and women. It is pain-free and can be used in conjunction with other therapies. However, the laser therapy that you will find in a professional office is much different from the as-seen-on-TV type products that are being sold to consumers. The clinical version is proven, while the product sold on TV is not.

How Female Pattern Baldness Works
Most people know the familiar telltale signs of male pattern baldness. A receding hairline that eventually grows into a horseshoe-shaped pattern of hair loss. For women, this is drastically different. Hair loss begins as a widening of the side or center part and then spreads to an overall thinning of the hair, which allows you to see the scalp showing through. This can be a hereditary condition that is passed on by either the mother or the father. It is diagnosed as alopecia and treatments can range from chemical based options to New Bedford laser hair therapy and can include Virtuesse hair replacement during treatment or as a long-term solution in some situations.

Another type of hair loss found commonly in women is known as alopecia areata, which causes patches of hair to just fall out for seemingly no reason. So far, medical professionals believe that it is a type of immunity problem, but right now the exact cause is not known. Hair loss isn’t just seen in the scalp, but the body rejects all hair including eye lashes, eyebrows and other hair all over. However, in many cases, the hair will just grow back on its own within a year. It is a very complicated disease. The best treatment is Virtuesse hair replacement, which can be designed to match your hair color and style, is non-surgical and pain-free. South Coast Hair Options can provide you with an unbeatable trial offer to help get you started with Virtuesse hair replacement.

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