Fall River Hair Loss Clinics: LLLT for Women and Hair Loss?

Women who experience hair loss are often confused about how to begin to find a hair loss treatment in Fall River or the surrounding Southeastern Massachusetts area. While there are a lot of commercial on television that features baldness cures for men, not a lot of people talk about hair loss in women, which is actually a lot more common after 40 and menopause than most people realize. It is important to find a clinic that will provide you with an individualized treatment based on your specific needs.

Hair loss clinics will often have treatments specifically designed for women and hair loss, but you need to know what you are looking for to get the right treatment for your type of thinning or hair loss. Southeastern Massachusetts laser hair therapy, also known as LLLT or low-level laser light therapy, has been shown to give positive results in some female clients, depending on the cause of the hair loss that has been experienced. South Coast Hair Options provides a FREE scalp evaluation to all new clients to find the best treatments and solutions based on your unique situation.

What is LLLT?
If you are unfamiliar with this type of treatment, LLLT or low-level laser light therapy is a specific type of hair loss treatment in Fall River that can be used to help increase new hair growth in some clients. Whether this painless, drug-free treatment works right for you will vary depending on your current health condition, the underlying cause of your thinning or balding hair, and the severity of the hair loss that you have already experienced. LLLT is often referred to as a “cold” laser treatment, as you won’t feel extreme heat or pain during application. Unlike “hot” lasers, which can be used to cut things, including human tissue during surgery, LLLT can be safely used on the surface without any side-effects or pain.

Scientifically, LLLT works for women and hair loss by irradiating photos into the human tissue, which are absorbed by cells that have become weakened for the purpose of helping them to regain functionality and begin growing hair again. LLLT is used primarily at hair loss clinics for clients who suffer from a progressive type of hair loss known as androgenetic alopecia or female pattern baldness. This type of thinning hair or baldness is quite common and the treatment can be applied easily and effectively as a hair loss treatment in Fall River at South Coast Hair Options to create a positive effect on hair growth in women – and men. LLLT is also used as a therapy option for other conditions throughout the body.

A Multi-Faceted Approach
In some situations, your technician may recommend that you use a secondary treatment in conjunction with Southeastern Massachusetts laser hair therapy. For women, in particular, this multi-faceted approach has been proven to be successful. Again, depending on the type of hair loss that is being treated and the reason behind the hair loss in the first place, clients may benefit from the use of Finasteride or Propecia in addition to LLLT. Things like green tea extract and other natural herbs and solutions can also be used without negatively impacting the work of low-level laser light therapy on the body.

When you start your journey toward regrowing hair or finding a remedy for women and hair loss, it is always best to start with a professional opinion. When you visit South Coast Hair Solutions you can expect to get a FREE scalp evaluation before any type of hair loss treatment in Fall River or the surounding area can be recommended. Some hair loss clinics have a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why there are so many disappointed patients out there who did not get results. The treatment needs to be designed to match the cause of hair loss if it is ever going to work effectively for the client. Topical treatments, such as Rogaine (Minoxidil) will work, but only for clients who meet the criteria for that type of approach.

Visit South Coast Hair Options for LLLT
If it turns out that low-level laser light therapy is right for you and your type of hair loss, you can receive this treatment at our Greater Boston area hair loss clinics. Located in New Bedford, we provide treatments for women and hair loss throughout the South Coast region, including Southeastern Massachusetts, the Cape, the Greater Boston area, Rhode Island, and other parts of New England. Our clients come from all over to experience our Southeastern Massachusetts laser hair therapy and other custom and individualized corrective hair solutions. Give us a call at 508-995-7085 to schedule an appointment or stop by our location on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford, Massachusetts.