Dealing With Male Pattern Baldness in the Greater Boston Area

Hair Loss Treatments That WorkIf you suffer from hair loss, you understand how important it is to find a solution. There are lots of products available, but finding hair loss treatments that work can be more difficult than it sounds. However, it is possible to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area, but before any treatments can be prescribed, it is important to identify the underlying cause of the hair loss at your local New Bedford hair loss clinic. South Coast Hair Options helps clients to find the best solutions to address Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss in men, based upon the findings of a thorough examination and evaluation by our experienced technicians. Once the cause is identified, it becomes easier to find a solution that will actually produce results.

What is Male Pattern Baldness?
Some people mistakenly think that this term is used to describe any man who is experiencing noticeable hair loss. The truth is that male pattern baldness is a specific type of hair loss. It first starts with some minor hair loss at the temple area, then progresses to a receding hairline. Eventually, the crown area of the head also experiences hair loss, but the most noticeable is the receding hairline. There are varying degrees of loss, with some men only having a slight loss in the front hairline area as they age, while others end up losing hair over the entire crown of the head, which leaves just an open ended pattern of hair around the sides and back of the head.

The cause of this type of hair loss is important to finding hair loss treatments that work. In order to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area, it is important to find out just what is causing the Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss in men. When you visit your local New Bedford hair loss clinic, our technician will determine the extent of the hair loss, the location of the hair loss and then identify the best treatment or combination of treatments to help regrow hair and stop the continued loss.

Experts have discovered that testosterone, a male sex hormone, is ultimately responsible for male pattern baldness. Testosterone is an essential hormone that is required for sexual function and reproduction, it is responsible for the changes that happen during puberty and defines the growth of facial and body hair in adult males. Testosterone is converted into DHT by an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase. The DHT, which is a byproduct of the testosterone, makes changes to different organs within the body, which includes the cells in the prostate and hair follicles. It can be a genetic trait that causes some men to be more sensitive to DHT and have a greater chance of experiencing male pattern baldness at a younger age than average males.

The Most Common Type of Hair Loss in Men
Studies show that male pattern baldness is by far the most common type of hair loss experienced in men in the United States and around the globe. However, despite it’s popularity, it is still important to visit your local New Bedford hair loss clinic to determine the cause of your hair loss before attempting a treatment on your own. This is why so many men have become disillusioned with the idea of finding hair loss treatments that work. After spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on treatments that don’t make a difference in their hair loss or hair growth, they often give up and just shave their heads.

However, it is possible to see a visible change and actually regrow hair in the Greater Boston area. Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss in men can be treated if you visit a clinic that has a cause-and-effect approach to treatments, such as South Coast Hair Options in New Bedford. Our Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) was developed to offer individualized solutions to the unique hair loss conditions different men experience. With over 90 percent of hair loss in men being attributed to male pattern baldness, it is important to use hair loss treatments that work, based upon your unique needs. You don’t want to waste any more time or money on treatments that aren’t designed for your specific problem.

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