Custom Solutions for Men: Hair Loss Clinics Fall River Area

custom hair loss solutions for menOutside of college kids trying to get into clubs before they are of legal age, no one wants to look older than what they are before their time. You can see it in advertising, Hollywood movies, and television – actors and actresses who seem to somehow defy the aging process and remain young for many years longer than they should. Signs of male pattern baldness can creep up at any time. Some experience it as soon as their mid-20’s, while others don’t begin to see it until they reach their 40’s. Whenever it happens, you need to know that there’s something that can be done about it. At South Coast Hair Options, we have solutions for all types of hair loss that are natural, affordable, and designed to work with your active lifestyle.

Keto and Hair Loss

One of the latest diet crazes has resulted in early signs of male pattern baldness for many people in the South Coast region and across the country. Hair loss clinics in Fall River, New Bedford, and the Greater Boston area are scrambling to find treatments for clients who are faced with thinning hair and hair loss from the popular keto diet. For some, our Fall River laser hair therapy program can help to reverse the process, stimulate hair growth, and help clients to regrow their hair. For others, who might also have other underlying conditions that are contributing to hair loss, another approach might be more appropriate.

The primary difference between South Coast Hair Options and other hair clinics in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island is that we offer a custom solution for each client who comes through our door. We understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for hair loss, even when a particular diet or environmental condition is to blame. Each person is different, has unique requirements, and needs a solution that is tailored specifically to their situation. Start by contacting our team to discuss your concerns about keto and hair loss, as well as other signs of male pattern baldness, to receive a free scalp consultation. Once we identify the cause of hair loss, we can offer a viable solution.

Why Hair Loss Matters

For those who have not experienced thinning hair or signs of male pattern baldness, they might not understand the importance of hair loss and the way that it can impact a person. While some men can make the transition without missing a beat, embracing their new “look” without worry, for others, it can be devastating, resulting in psychological trauma or depression. Even just a small bald spot or retreating hairline can cause a man to look older and make them lose confidence in their masculinity. The feeling can be compounded even further when the loss happens very early in a man’s life before he is prepared for baldness.

While any man might feel embarrassed or concerned about their appearance, studies show that men who have occupations that put them in the position of having to make public speeches, addresses, or presentations suffer even more. Many are unable to hide their hair loss by shaving their heads or wearing a hat because the industry that they serve requires a certain grooming standard. Regardless of your profession, you shouldn’t just ignore hair loss or try to work around it. Instead, consider working with South Coast Hair Options to find a solution that will help you to look and feel like yourself again. We have affordable, pain-free, natural-looking options that can be provided to overcome any hair loss.

Stop Pretending It’s Okay

It might seem as though most men who have signs of male pattern baldness or outright hair loss are just fine with their receding hairlines, they are probably not. Television, movies, and just about every other type of media outlet shows us every day that men with thick heads of hair are considered by some to be more attractive than those with hair loss. For every Vin Diesel or Bruce Willis, there are also other celebrities with thick heads of hair, such as Brad Pitt or George Clooney. The bottom line is whether you are comfortable with hair loss or not. If you can rock a shiny shaved head like Dwayne Johnson or if you would feel better getting your hair back, it is your choice. South Coast Hair Options can provide you with solutions that you can use to achieve your goals.

Our hair loss clinics near Fall River can help with all types of hair loss. We can assist with alopecia, signs of male pattern baldness, damage caused by keto and hair loss, as well as other hereditary, medical, and environmental conditions. Stop feeling bad about your hair loss and do something about it. Give us a call at 508-995-7085 and speak with one of our technicians about getting a FREE scalp evaluation and consultation at our clinic. Call today to learn more about our Corrective Hair Solutions approach and change your life for the better!