Custom Hair Loss Solutions for Men: New Bedford Treatments

custom hair loss solutions for menIt can be a little alarming when you begin to notice hair loss. Thinning hair, the common “male pattern” baldness, or even just a bit more forehead showing through are just some of the signs of hair loss. While there are lots of over the counter remedies sold in stores, on television, and online, it is essential to get custom hair loss solutions instead of settling for a one-size-fits-all option that might not work for you. Instead of wasting precious time and money while your hairline continues to recede, professional hair loss clinics for men will provide you with better results. Not all hair loss falls under the “male pattern” baldness diagnosis, so it is important to figure out the underlying cause of thinning hair before attempting any type of treatment.

Why Custom Hair Solutions (CHS) is Different

There is no magic in a bottle when it comes to hair loss treatments. There are many new techniques, methods, and treatment options available for men that are designed specifically for your unique pattern, rate, and type of hair loss. South Coast Hair Solutions offers a wide range of treatments, including the Virtual Reality dermal lens system and even our popular New Bedford laser hair therapy, depending on the needs of each client. Our custom hair loss solutions target the specific type of hair loss that you are experiencing in a revolutionary new way. You will immediately notice the difference in CHS compared to other salons, clinics, and treatment options, as we use a combination of art and science to help our clients look like themselves again and offer solutions that are natural-looking and affordable.

We begin each new relationship by providing a FREE scalp evaluation. This helps our technicians determine all of the essential factors necessary to design custom hair loss solutions that are right for you. Depending on your age, lifestyle, budget, rate of hair loss, and the thickness of your existing hair, we might use one or more treatments at once to get even faster results. For example, many of our clients choose to use the dermal lens system for instant results while undergoing New Bedford laser hair therapy and other treatments to regrow their natural hair or stop hair loss from progressing. Our solutions are designed to work with your existing hair and can solve ALL hair loss problems, whether they are stress-related, hereditary, environmental, or temporary due to other medical conditions.

South Coast Hair Loss Clinics for Men

Studies show that more than 45 million men in the United States alone are struggling with some degree of hair loss. Dietary problems, alopecia, protein deficiencies, chemotherapy, normal aging, and other genetic factors will commonly cause issues with hair loss. However, you don’t have to just accept hair loss or thinning hair as part of your “new normal” any longer. South Coast Hair Options will create custom hair loss solutions that are individualized to address your unique needs and help you look like yourself again. Our solutions are safe, natural-looking, affordable, and won’t restrict your active lifestyle. The goal of our technicians is to help our clients look their best. We will find a solution that is right for you.

Virtual Reality is a highly advanced dermal lens system that becomes a part of you. It is not a hairpiece; it is not something you wear – it is a non-surgical application that is designed to match your hair color, curl pattern, density, and texture. This cosmetic miracle hair restoration solution is only available in Southeastern Massachusetts at South Coast Hair Options and other fine hair loss clinics for men nationwide. You can revive your youthful appearance in a way that looks natural. There is essentially no home maintenance outside of regular washing, conditioning, and normal styling. Take your life back with our custom hair loss solutions for men.

Tired of Shampoos, Creams, and Elixirs?

There are so many products available today that anyone can buy from their local drugstore, big-box store, or favorite website. There are even specialty websites that claim to have the so-called “cure” for male pattern baldness in a bottle. The truth is that while there may be a few people who see a difference when they use these products, the greater majority of consumers walk away from this experience with less money in their pocket and a life lesson about trusting a cure-all product with something as important as hair loss. Depending on your type and rate of hair loss, our technicians may recommend the New Bedford laser hair therapy program, a specialized product application, or a combination of multiple treatments.

South Coast Hair Options has proudly served clients in the South Coast area with surgical and non-surgical thinning hair solutions since 1974. We have a solid reputation for delivering custom hair loss solutions for both men and women. We have more than 84 years of combined styling and male hair replacement experience, and our team of technicians continues to undergo training and education to stay up on the latest technologies and techniques. Get a FREE scalp evaluation and speak with one of our technicians about your goals. We can offer information on any of our treatment programs and provide pricing information when you call us at 508-995-7085 or stop by our New Bedford hair loss clinic.